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  1. There’s been many times where he has over exaggerated a situation when it comes to other males,

    If you're that drunk you can't remember he can tell you what he likes, one reason to stay in control and not get legless, another is your personal safely

  2. Take it from a girl who’s normally all about “hang out with whoever you want, don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks,” My dear, this sounds like a date. Despite you looking at it as platonic. The friend could be looking at it in a completely romantic way, not caring that you having a partner. No one asks for their first hangout to be at a beach around sundown. Something seems off. If you want to go for it, Reddit can’t force you to do anything. But it seems like trouble and I highly advise against it.

  3. Over the years I have learned that you only truly find out who your partner is when a crisis happens. This can be a health crisis, a crime or assault.

    Anyone can talk a good game and claim to be a protector.

    You were being physically assaulted and your bf had zero reaction??

    This is why you are uncomfortable around him now. YOUR OWN INSTINCTS are telling you everything you need to know.

    In a few years, it could be one of your kids… and he'll just stand there and watch and kick himself for not 'acting in the moment' again next time.

  4. Kind of. Part of it was that before women could work it was a safety net. So if their fiance got abusive after getting engaged she could break off the engagement, sell the ring and live for a few months solo while getting back on her feet.

    Not needed really now a days but I like the idea of it being a way to protect women.

  5. Stop feeding into the drama. IF people ask, just say “we broke up weeks ago because it just wasn’t working out, last I heard he has been dating x ever since, I hope he gets the help he needs.”

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