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  1. The longer I stay the more I realize how necessary it is. He won’t change. He always believes he is right.

  2. It can be difficult to know how to approach a situation like this, but one approach you could take is to reach out to the girl again and ask if she is still interested in going out. You could say something like, “Hey, I know I asked you out a while ago, but I was wondering if you're still interested in grabbing food sometime? I'm free this Saturday if you are.” This gives her the opportunity to say yes or no, and either way, you will have a better sense of where things stand.

  3. Snap out of it…stop focusing on what he is doing and start focusing on what you are doing …I know it's hard but start with baby steps…join a gym…go to a spa…grab a smoothie…focus on your career and looking and feeling your best…maybe you'll make some friends along the way

  4. So I didn’t understand that oral herpes and genital herpes were the same thing for a long time, but when I did I talked to my family and apparently my mother, sister, and brother have oral herpes. There are different strains, but the possibility of the strain that affects your mouth affecting genitals as well is completely possible. I just thought those were called cold sores before, and thought I was just immune to them or something. I think your boyfriend is reacting emotionally because he feels like you’ve purposely not disclosed something life changing to him, when in reality you just didn’t know it was the same thing. And the thing is, if it’s a certain strain, he could have got it just from kissing you. I think what might help you both is to get educated about it and try to talk about it without the judgement you both already feel about it. I’m really wishing you luck, I think a healthy relationship can make it through this.

  5. First, tell him you can't go anymore. Have him drop you off. Tell him he needs to grow up to be with a woman. That this is unacceptable. Leave. He can literally go f his mother, because you don't sleep with Mama's boys. Tell him when he grows up he might be able to come to you. And then bye Felicia

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  7. Honey don’t lighten your skin because of boys, they are just that boys and not men. Maybe you are hanging with the wrong group of people who are preventing you from meeting your true person.

  8. Whether it’s pettiness or not, you need to call the police to stop this before she kills someone. Or maims them for life. My neighbor and her son were hit by a drunk driver, she died after languishing for weeks in hospital, the boy is a shell of his former self – partially paralyzed, reliant on machines, can’t talk or feed himself…but his mind is 100% intact. Do you really want to play a part in her doing that to someone?

  9. I can see why she lied not that I condone it but after 2.5 years her past behavior can't be forgiven? You're holding the actions of her youth against her? You said you had “deep feelings for her” which tells me you weren't in love with her enough to value who she's evolving into. Thanks you for seeking help in releasing her to find someone who will love her past, present and future self.

    So unto the question you didn't ask: Due to your lie, I don't feel I can trust you with my heart. We had something great but it's not enough for me. I'm sorry.

  10. You should talk to her yourself about this. It's not a “test.” It's, this is unacceptable behavior. You need to cut ties with this person and you need to get help for your alcohol abuse. Her response to that is your answer. You shouldn't need to wait for her mother to learn that.

  11. Did she know he was with you when he was grocery shopping for her? Did she know he picked you up at the airport before meeting her at home when she returned from her trip?

    Does she know you are his girlfriend?

  12. And? I read similar stuff, yes, it can be a turn on but it in no way diminishes my attraction and love for my husband, it certainly doesn't replace him in any way. No different to having an erotic dream really.

  13. He is not your forever person. That is OK. You will be able to find someone who shares many more of your values and together you can encourage each other.

    He has a porn addiction and is wanting you to see your friends less. It is already toxic. Please move on.

    When we try to talk people out of their ways they defend their point of view and it becomes more entrenched. He will have to have his own epiphany in his own time.

  14. It actually looks like he's communicating fine.

    He's expressing distinct apathy towards specific plans, a distinct lack of desire to do any planning, and a willingness to agree with your plans.

    Seriously, sometimes “I don't care” is literal.

    Now, he's not saying if he doesn't care about only the plans, about this anniversary, anniversaries in general, or some mix of the above.

    So, take him at his word. Make plans, then tell him that's what you decided. If he then has a complaint, tell him where to file said complaint. I would suggest he file it where the fiber will do the most good, but that's me 🙂

    If you're being goal/plan oriented, and he's blase about it, that's okay.

    However, if there's an emotional component to the planning and the anniversary itself that isn't being met, you do need to make that clear as well. Not everyone cares about anniversaries the same. As an example, nobody in my family cares at all until at least ten years. Anything less than that is kinda silly to us. We're the opposite with birthdays, strangely.

    But the point is that you're here, expressing emotional discontent with a practical matter. It may be that the two of you simply don't place the same value on anniversaries, or this particular one.

    With your ages, that's a strong likelihood imo.

    So, if this is more about the value you place on the event than the actual plans, ya gotta make that crystal clear. Not just for this anniversary, but because any future ones are going to be a repeat of the same unless you do.

  15. People have pasts, and we don't need to erase evidence of them to assuage the insecurities of our current partners.

    Even still his response is out of proportion if you are being a reliable narrator. I suspect that you have been pursuing this for quite some time to the point of annoyance leading to him snapping at you.

    You both are out of line.

  16. Wow the audacity of this comment! You don’t know what traditions I have learned. And what work I do for and with my family. It is in fact quite generous that we allow him to take part in the ceremonial aspects of this tradition when he has no claim to it. He understands that because he respects indigenous cultures.

  17. I will delete the post. People (women) are getting a bit angry and thats not what i was looking for. bye y’all

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