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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Even when I try to do things such as pick out food at the grocery store, he'll put it back and pick up something else.

    He also gets angry at other people in public (not with me, I should add). For example, he called a young server a ‘stupid {***ing idiot' when he accidentally spilt coffee on his white shirt, behaviour similar to his fathers. He also aggressively confronted young girls to 'grow TF up' when they were having fun at a concert. The list could go on.

    This is awful behaviour, and others would have called this crap out ages ago. How can you call this the “perfect relationship” when you're with someone who behaves this way?

    he loves me so much and has supported and taken great care of me.

    Love is never enough.

  2. Thanks for the reply, as much as I want to concede my stand, it hurts to agree with this. It was a very happy and fun relationship until it hasn't been.

    She is very emotionally immature and anytime I've said “I'm sorry that you feel this way” it's just gaslighting her. But I'm just trying to frame her reaction to it as the issue, and not the problem itself. We all make the choice on how to react.

    She has tried to be more active and she'll drive to see me more than I drive to her, but really that's the most of the effort. She's fucking ridiculous I do agree.

  3. If you were never going to see him again and go no contact, I could see not telling him of course. But since you seem like a sociopath who actually wants to be with someone, cheat on them, and then stay close friends, yes you should tell him so he can make an informed decision. Which is hopefully to tell you to kick rocks.

  4. I would be worried about having a child with somebody so quick to throw away a member of the family

  5. First part—duh, she’s the problem. Of course someone would still be with a partner if they didn’t ruin the relationship. Then came the part where bf is obsessed with ex and constantly brings her up every couple days—OOH, bf is the bigger problem for sure.

    OP asked the wrong question, I think she wants to ask him if bf wishes he was still with his ex and it if op’s observation is right, bf totally wishes he was with ex.

    OP needs to delay the wedding and they need to stop being fiancés. The bf needs therapy and figure out if he’s actually invested in this new relationship and if he’s willing to let go of the past.

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