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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. IMO you can do whatever you want with your body (masturbation), how you masturbate matters though. If you want to masturbate to pictures of children for example, you need real mental help right? Most people I think would agree. Or to animals or to hardcore rape videos, the list goes on. MOST people would agree but some may still think “oh it’s fantasy! Don’t be such a prude!” And that’s fine for them, whatever. At the end of the day I should be allowed to pick a partner who aligns with my way of thinking as masturbation is a biological need, it’s not going anywhere and if we are going to be long term we need to both agree on this. As adults, OP and her boyfriend need to have the frank and honest conversation about their sexual compatibility and if they don’t agree they need to separate. None of this BS “I’ll stop and just hide it from you”. That is robbing OP of her choice to either accept porn or leave.

  2. Of course you don’t call him ugly names. You love him and treat him as beloved in your relationship. Only a real a-hole would tell you to F off and call you useless.

    There’s no context needed. Facts are he treats you like a jerk. He’s been rude a lot.

    You can’t have a non-toxic relationship with someone who is toxic, no matter how much love, patience, thoughtfulness and understanding you add on your end it will never change their lack of empathy

  3. Hey bf, please drop the gf. Her entitlement is off the fucking charts. The fact that she's trying to spin this and gaslight you into thinking it was your fault is actually fucking insane. Cultural sensitivity my ass, spitting in your face I'm pretty sure is a sign of disrespect in their culture as well. He owes you an apology, as does the gf, and even then I'd fucking bail. Jesus christ.

  4. As someone with a vagina, I don’t think she’s even a liar. You can like multiple things at the same time (especially when it comes to sexual stuff), it’s crazy you’re so insecure you had to test if she could actually be attracted to you. Which obviously if she was dating you she was, women rarely date men they’re not attracted to, but in those cases they have a good personality which it appears you don’t.

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