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  1. Hmm idk I think that’s them being friends and talking about the past, doesn’t mean there’s any of those part feelings/intentions there too as long as it’s not frequent. Because it’s disrespectful to be talking about things like that with someone you know is in a relationship. If they like go into sexual detail then that’s a problem. Tbh I think she should reply to his texts about their sex life with something like “Haha yeah” and then switch the topic.

  2. Maybe you are unusually mature for your age and they can sense it. I'm a lot like tha I've always been the stability and voice of calm and reason in my relationships. That's a real thing. But it doesn't mean that something is wrong with you or you're messing up. You just need to find someone who is older and/or more mature.

  3. I would absolutely do anything for a second chance. I think she's my person.

    I've told her I'd like to apologise to her in person when she's ready for that. That was some months ago now.

  4. Honestly, focus on your own relationship with your partner first. Everyone else is ancillary to your own relationship. A good relationship takes work and consistent work.

  5. Yeah I'm not actively looking for sex or to cheat. I could never do that while I'm with someone. I guess I'm waiting to get through Christmas before I say anything else to make sure my kids have a good Christmas. But yes putting everything on the table is the right thing to do.

  6. You’re just like my husband. I gained 50, 60 and 70 lbs during my pregnancies and he could’ve cared less. I’d lost it all and then some by breastfeeding a ton, but I still had the stretch marks and loose belly skin. Even before I’d lost the weight, as soon as I was 6 weeks postpartum he was all over me all the time. He still can’t keep his hands off me (which explains why we have 3 kids and will possibly have more). Not all men are like OP’s husband.

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  8. If she's “on and off”, that relationship won't work out. Be around and be available but don't push. If she becomes single and wants to take you up on your offer, she will.

  9. He sounds a lot like my emotionally abusive ex who constantly came up with rediculous reasons to accuse me of cheating.

    Your husband sounds like he might be emotionally abusive too.

  10. Do. Not. Talk. About. Other. Partners. Genitals. With. Your. Boyfriend.

    You say you'd be fine with this if he did it, and I commend your ability to not care. But for most people this would be a very uncomfortable situation. This is something that ignorance is best for. He doesn't need to or want to know that and it's a bit strange to me that you didn't think this before hand.

  11. I'm not sure if this is fake or not, but girl….you know your bf is essentially being verbally abusive right? Why are you staying in a relationship with someone that continuously shows you that he doesn't care about your feelings or concerns? This guy is a walking red flag. This dude is TELLING AND SHOWING you that he doesn't care about you. STOP being with someone that treats you like shit.

    Believe what he is showing you. He is showing you he doesn't care, and he is showing you that he is going to continue to take his anger out on you and not care when it hurts you. Y'all are fuckin 30 year olds, and this sounds like something a 15 year old would do.

    Stop being with someone that doesn't care about how you feel. Stop making excuses for him. If he acts like this on the game, imagine how he's going to act if you two ever end up living together in real life and he gets mad. He genuinely seems like he'd verbally/physically abuse you.

    I had to say this to someone else earlier but relationships aren't supposed to make you feel emotional pain all the time. Relationships aren't supposed to make you feel anxious all the time. Relationships aren't supposed to make you feel like you're walking on egg shells to avoid facing the wrath of your partner. People in relationships aren't supposed to tell their significant other that they don't care if they're causing the other person pain. People in relationships aren't supposed to talk down to and insult their partner.

    You are not in a healthy relationship. You are in a bad, toxic relationship. You've expressed that he's upsetting you, and you've asked him to stop, but he won't stop, and he doesn't care. Respect and love yourself and break up. You can EASILY find someone better, I PROMISE. Most people are NOT abusive, unempathetic, and inconsiderate like your bf.

  12. They don’t change. You were not the exception and will never be the exception. Emotional cheating is still cheating. Physical cheating is still cheating. If you stay with him then you are telling him that he can do it and you will stay by his side. I wouldn’t put anymore emotional or physical time into it. Someone will love you and respect you and not put you through that pain.

  13. Tbh it’s not in the DSM-V or the ICD 10.

    That of course doesn’t mean it isn’t real, but as it currently stands there is not enough evidence that it is a distinct disorder to include it in either.

  14. I’m so sorry. You are going to have to get a court order that doesn’t allow your daughter around this man. Gather proof. Any texts when she says anything about the abuse. If you don’t have any, try to get some. Start a text chain. I’m really worried about you being with someone who punched you and our daughter can’t be around that. Her reply will hopefully confirm and you have proof. Maybe just taking the legal steps will get her to come to her senses. I don’t need to tell you how bad and dangerous this is. They’re always sorry. Every single time. You have to protect your daughter and I hope it helps your ex. I’m truly sorry.

  15. This man will kill you if you let him. Trauma is no excuse for what he's doing to you. You know that. You need to leave while you still can.

  16. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with discussing one’s timeline but is that what she did? Casually mentioning she’ll be moving in when her lease is up? Pregnancy scare. Nope, this girl is on a mission.

  17. Get him out of your apartment now. Have a friend or two with you when you break up with him. He can go live in the dorms or whatever. It’s not your problem where he goes, your safety is on the line here.

  18. Absolutely. And it's assault the second the terms of the agreement become breached. In this case, it was using protection.

    OP, I'm sorry this happened to you. Please end it and go to your GP to speak about getting STI testing done

  19. The comment wasn’t saying that being a caretaker is easy and only ‘weak’ people can’t handle it. It’s purely about the GFs character.

    She’s already shown with enough pressure from her parents, she will cave. And even said herself with their approval she wouldn’t have broken up with OP originally. This sort of flip-flop behaviour is going to make it harder for the two of them to commit to serious decisions. Her parents have made it clear—it’s either them or OP. She will have to make a choice, and choosing one will hurt the other regardless.

    If her parents are going to guilt her and imply she’ll be at fault for her father becoming sick for staying with OP, and knowing she really cares about what her parents think, going NC (if she chooses to stay) is on the cards here.

  20. Your GF is an alcoholic; surely this is no surprise to you!

    Break up unless you want more of the same. I wouldn't even have a “discussion” or ultimatum. I'd tell her, “(GF's name), you have a serious drinking problem; I think you're an alcoholic. This is no longer a relationship I'm interested in maintaining. If you ever decide to give up drinking and get professional help, give me a call after you've been sober for a year and we can meet for dinner and catch up on our lives. Best wishes for you in the future!”

    Then block her and move on! Life is too short to hang around hoping someone will step up and start “adulting” at almost 30yo! Every month you stay with her is a month you're not moving towards your future; you're just spinning your wheels wasting your life.

  21. Welcome to “Its a their problem, not a you problem”

    You live your life how you feel you want to. There is no need to worry about filling someone else's expectation for your own life.

    Live you best live and if they have an issue, they may not be friend material

  22. At least you’re not living together because it would be hard as hell to get them out of your apartment. Don’t even give him an ultimatum because it’ll piss him off and make him play the victim, and he’s incapable of change (at least right now) anyway. Just tell him that you want different things (you want to date an adult and he wants to sit around and play video games like a 14 year old). Cut him loose and he can become his parents’ problem.

  23. Exactly, there are times when it's socially acceptable.

    The best thing you could do right now is discuss compromises and ways you can both have what you want.

    Best of luck to you

  24. Your husband is unstable and I am concerned about both of your safety. Check for resources in your area, even though there has not been DV I think a DV support hotline could help you in this situation.

  25. What about new cameras watching your porch? Even nanny cam hidden somewhere there? It will prove he is leaving your house with the gifts that will show up on her porch and it will confirm the timing.

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