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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. It can happen, there’s always that one friend that hooks up a lot, but for all of his friends group be over 100 each, I doubt it

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  3. She read the message about 20 mins ago but hasn’t responded, Im still kinda freaking out on the inside but im going to wait till tomorrow to send anything else. Im afraid that maybe I’ve upset her somehow I just hope I didn’t mess up so bad that she hates me now

  4. Your girlfriend is young, and she has just been through what may be the greatest upheaval of her life – to her body, identity, how her time is spent etc. You need to put supporting her first. Now is not the time to prioritise getting your needs met with regards to this friendship. If she needs to see this friend right now to be reminded of who she was/normality, then support that. You may want to put in a boundary eg leave the house when she is visiting so you so to have to see her, and you might explain to gf that you need to do this so you can support her to see this friend as she has said this is important to her. However, if this friend again tries to destabilise the relationship it would be appropriate to address this. If this occurs explain to your gf that she and your son are very important to you, that you fear this friend could break the relationship because of what occurred, and you want to hear her ideas of how you can work together to keep your relationship strong. Good luck!

  5. The problem is, we text throughout the day. I only hung up because I did not want to get into a useless argument, and it's not like I hung up on her. I said goodbye, I love you, and she responded with “no you don't.” It's never just a conversation with her. If she doesn't agree with me on something, she will not let it go until she wins, or until it's been long enough that she realizes she over reacted. Then she apologizes and we have a normal conversation. It's so taxing. I've got enough to think about with school.

  6. How do we know he messaged first? Because the manipulate sister who probably led to OP’s lifelong trust issues says so?

  7. Hm I guess so. It just seems strange for people to get so hung up on. We still hang out and spend time together. We sleep together sometimes, but we just really enjoy having space for our own things and time to ourselves.

  8. ? My ex told me the same & my reason was exactly what you said! If I didn’t do something, then nothing was going to get done. So many men want to be leaders without the slightest idea how.

    For your question: how can you support the ask if he can’t put in the effort?

    You don’t. Unless you want to compromise your standard of living or what makes you feel safe and stable, you do nothing or you leave him. You can’t teach him to be a leader because he’s a misogynist and doesn’t want to hear it from you. You just keep handling life and either he picks up on it and figures it out, or you get tired of it and leave.

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