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Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️? live sex chat

Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Plain out right just hit him with it. The bills need to be paid, I can't do it on my own, man up and find a job!

    Doesn't work all the time, but it's a last resort. If this doesn't work, there's no future for you two. Fast forward a few years and you two have kids and he just lays around all day on reddit and you do everything else. That just doesn't work in this economy and world order, in most cases both parties need to contribute in the budget.

  2. I truly have no idea. It just sounds highly suspect. Could be totally innocent, but then why the weak excuses and why has he never even brought these things up to try with you? It IS strange. You could try therapy, but this might be something I'd end the relationship over if it happened with any frequency.

  3. You're right. He isn't sorry and this will happen again. Don't go back there. Get a lawyer, don't answer the texts but save them to show a lawyer and get out. It's not worth it. He's showed you very clearly who he is and never going to get better. What you said was rude but in no way does that give him the right to assault you.

  4. She had no intention of paying you back. Think long and hard if this is the person you want to build a life with.

  5. He must be in 29 palms, is he a 28xx mos? He'll probably be there for like a year and a half. He might be able to go on leave at some point but not for a while, at least until he gets done with his first school. He can't get a car and getting off base there is hard. I'd suggest you guys Webcam or something but he is probably 4-5 marines per room.

  6. Honest question and I’m asking you to really self reflect here – is your home really a safe place for an infant? That is, could mother be using other words to say your house is unsafe, your house is not set up for a child? Because she doesn’t want to have a fight over your home situation specifically.

    Sometimes people don’t have a realistic view, their own living situation with regard to introducing a child into it and so that’s why I’m asking you to honestly consider it.

    I’m not saying or assuming that’s the case, but just checking because it didn’t come up in what I’ve read so far.

  7. i hear what you are saying. and i tried before to move on until i saw their picture. but it hurts so much that i never got closure and never knew the real reason.. maybe i would hear something that hurt but at least i wouldnt feel so stupid for not knowing if his feelings were real at any point or made a fool of myself giving so much love to him ?

  8. Tell them the situation, tell them you can send the vids if they have any doubts. This is HER fault.

  9. Your wife sounds terrible, and you sound irresponsible.

    “Find yourself” in providing for your children and taking care of your responsibilities.

    You don't have to be in this marriage. It's time to have a frank conversation with your wife about responsibilities she about the fact that you are not a given in her life, and she should approach things with that understanding.

    Also, have a conversation with a lawyer.

  10. I don’t think it’ll turn into an HR thing since it’s just him avoiding me lol but I’m getting from the comments I should just acknowledge the situation. I was a bit concerned about him feeling harassed at that point tbh

  11. OP, you're almost 40.

    Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. And if you need encouragement, say so OPENLY. Don't fish for compliments or speak of yourself in a derogatory way and expect to be nay-said.

    No one reads minds. I'm a woman and I would have felt set-up, too. You could have framed it differently and asked if he still found your breasts sexy. You could have said you felt insecure about that particular feature and asked for a booster.

    You tell me something looks a certain way, I am more likely to agree openly (if I agree). You shouldn't want those around you to kiss your ass, too; that's high school BS.

  12. Tell him to sleep somewhere else.

    Also, 5’4, 145- multiple kids? He better have a 10 pack and look like Ryan Reynolds or something to have that attitude.

  13. It seems like you want your cake and eat it to. Your new girlfriend is being too polite in her approach to this situation. The whole point is who is most important in your life now your ex or new girlfriend? You are still hanging on to her your ex for a reason. She your girlfriend may feel that you are not committed in this relationship. She wants your undivided attention. You cannot serve two masters and because of this your current relationship is doomed to fail.

  14. I would say it's a difference in worldviews, which I've demonstrated in a number of small ways. Men seem to be more reckless and careless about their safety, whereas women seem to want to take the steps to protect themselves; I've even heard men say “well, nothing is going to happen (because I'm a man).

    The problem here, where I guess enters into values is – he doesn't value his own safety or yours. If he wants to be reckless, he can do it alone, he doesn't get to force it on other people, he doesn't get to guilt you in any way.

    People can cross a busy street like a maniac all they want, they don't get to scoff at someone who doesn't want to follow along.

  15. Sorry I should clarify, I didn’t give up alcohol for being addicted but was going through bad anxiety and depression and found it made me worse. I am fine having a couple of drinks but that night got out of control and I can’t be certain I didn’t get spiked too

  16. I understand that you want to achieve this. It is important to recognize that some things are bigger than you. Therapy can help you dramatically improve your life.

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