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  2. Um… how does he function in daily life? At work – people will eat and drink at their desks, in meetings, etc – not just the lunch room or cafe. Does he never go out to eat then? Unless he is a shut-in who never leaves the house, it seems like less of a phobia and more of a weird power/control trip that he has with you and your appearance.

    Not your circus, not your monkey – get out now. I highly recommend that he get his butt to therapy to work through whatever is driving this bizarre behavior, but I don’t recommend that you stick around for the abuse while he figures it out.

  3. Yes it’s inappropriate. It’s also unprofessional and I feel badly for her, getting drunk dialed in the middle of the night by a creepy former coworker. You’re married to…. that guy.

  4. She has has the power to go get help if she wants to. People with BPD are capable of making rational decisions, but they also do not learn from their own mistakes, which they tend to instead blame on others. They also do not react well to boundaries, which they view as an ultimatum. This leaves you in a position where, no matter what you do, you have a very limited ability to help. This is something she pretty much has to do on her own. I hope you find your way through this OK.

  5. Wow….the woman is asking for help and talking through her fear, and Reddit’s response is to bombard her with 400+ downvotes. Ya’ll are absolute trash.

  6. Well also anyone on the spectrum who has Alexithymia can struggle with understand their own emotions, describing them, and doesn’t understand emotional responses because they can read the emotions on your face or what you are expressing.

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