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Tiffany/Tiff , live sex chat

Date: September 17, 2022

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  1. I can already see it happening “so you’re the type of person who doesn’t give second chances?”. It is all a lot to deal with

  2. To me it sounds like you are with a very inconsiderate childish 31 year old man. He should of never said that to you to begin with along with other cringe worthy things he's said to you( I read through your comments.) After all of that I'm surprised you stayed with him? He sounds insufferable you deserve better than that. You're young I don't see why you'd stay with someone who doesn't seem to respect you to me it sounds like he's pressuring you to give him a blowjob through crappy means. He probably dates considerably younger women because, he knows women his age wouldnt tolerate it. In your situation I would be ticked off and show him the door. The comment about the top 5 women's genitalia he's been with yuck ?? no respect or consideration there

  3. I have recently started talking to my ex again, just casual conversation to catch up.

    You're an asshole and not ready for other relationships until you can process your unhealthy attachment to your ex

  4. Was married for 11 years to my ex-wife. Out of those 11 years, her mom lived in our house for 8. I fucking hated it. Always in our business, always creating issues, always talking under her breath. She wasn’t a bad person, but it’s like the turd that won’t flush or the friend that overstayed their welcome months ago. I think you deserve a say so in the matter, as marriages are a team sport.

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