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  1. you are going to have to MAN UP and JUST DO IT

    JUST DO IT MAN it sucks but its gotta be done

    you cant be her comfort slave for the rest of your life

  2. At three years old, you stopped all contact with your child? Unbelievable that anyone would do so. Your boy is definitely going to have abandonment issues, as no child would understand why their parent just up and left.

  3. Did you even read my comment? Clearly not at all what I said. Cheating when drunk and being attacked are not at all the same thing.

  4. I hope as you typed this out you realised how ridiculous this is and how remaining in this relationship makes no sense.

  5. There’s a bit more to the age gap aspect of our relationship than I’m willing to discuss. We met in a certain way where an age gap was to be expected, and I went into it willingly, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

  6. You've just got to talk about it. A lot of women don't enjoy it — it's a literal job (as you understand), lol. Jaw issues, gag reflex, momentum, taste – she could be inexperienced or had a bad experience previously and hasn't been eager to try again.

    Whatever you do, don't push her head in that direction. I think a conversation NOT in a sexual setting is absolutely appropriate and is a great stepping stone to having a relationship filled with open communication, which is absolutely imperative for survival and longevity. Good luck!

  7. You were raped and that changes everything about the reasoning you broke up with your ex. If your honest, and she can see that you were assaulted and taken advantage of, she might want to reconcile

  8. Judging by your comments/other posts, you are still struggling with the end of your marriage, the one you left a little over a year ago… How quickly did you get into this relationship after your ended marriage ended.?

    About your current problem…

    You know with actual certainty that he sent them to his mother, and not someone else who he is using to act out about his fantasies?

    Did his mother email him back a response?

    If you were to ask to go have dinner with his mother, how would he react? How well do you know her? What is their relationship like when you are around? Does it creep you out? Or seem normal?

    I’m asking these questions because everyone is telling you to run, but you sound like you don’t want to do that, at least not right now.

    If you’re not going to walk away, you HAVE to confront him. What if he was abused his whole life by her? What if she was blindsided and had no idea?

    Either way, he needs serious help.

    You can be his friend and help him get to the root of this problem, but how could you possibly even think about being with him when his fantasies aren’t with you but with his mother?

    Whatever you decide, I wish you luck…?

  9. What you described is a relationship of convenience then. I am with someone much longer than you and have not entered a situation of being financially tied down and using the relationship for financial comfort. Cause that would be an example of a toxic relationship. A relationship is not a mandatory obligation and should not be a financial tool. If your focal point of the relationship is finances and assets (bills and car) then thats just a business transaction with just a label.

    Its actually even worse if you cheated while having kids. That means you really don't care about anyone. It would be even more necessary for the relationship to end. Kids are very sensitive and a toxic parent just rubs off on the kid.

    And you saying you built your lives together and painting some really pretty scenario. Then why did you not consider that at all before? Cheating ruins every relationship. It breaks down everything you built and you lose trust. Its just fake platitudes and pretension to maintain the image of a relationship without any content. It just feels like you aren't really sorry about what you did. You only feel and for getting caught and dealing with consequences.

    If you really cared then your first thought wouldn't have been how everything is affecting you, but how it affected the people around you. I understand the whole point of cheating is you don't have consideration for others, but it sounds very egotistical when it feels like you are trying to explain what you did should have been relatable as if you are denying the gravity of what you did.

  10. I have a therapy system with my state school im about to go to, I just dont know if i can handle therapy and being there for my girl. I love her so fucking much but i dont think i can handle my problems AND hers.

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