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  1. I didn't say you said 100%. I just said that statistics exist because basically nothing is. Your 99.9999% stat exists because we know some folks could do exactly what you're advocating and you're STILL gonna see some pregnancies.

    Also, idk why you mention people not being healthy. My mom was perfectly healthy. She just was missing a portion of an organ and it should have impacted her fertility massively. Life happens to some people, as improbable as it may seem. I'm willing to also concede that 30 years ago, the Depo shot may not have been as effective as it would be today. We also have to keep in mind that a lot of what we know about hormonal birth control is derived from unreliable and unethical parameters in it's inception. Hundreds of Puerto Rican women given experimental drugs they weren't able to give informed consent about probably doesn't make for great numbers.

  2. What do you think he's hiding based solely on that conversation, a secret stash of old fashion magazines?

  3. To be honest, why are you with her? How did she even support herself before she met you?

    You clearly have different goals lined up; all that's on her mind is moving to South Korea, which she'll realize too late is NOT a perfect utopia. What is her reasoning for wanting to move there? How does she plan to afford to move there? You'd think someone this committed would be earning money to move. What is her plan once she gets there? How does she plan to earn an income?

    You don't have to be with her. You don't have to support her. You're not married. He's not your son. That sounds cold, but you have no obligation to be her sole provider, and quite frankly, this arrangement is not fair to you at all. If you choose to stay with her, you should seriously consider changing the arrangement you currently have. Make her put in the effort.

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