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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Your boyfriend sounds very nice. I have had a friend group in college who behaved a lot like the girls, they felt entitled to each others time and became jealous when there was discrepancies between the time spent within the friend group.

    However, that's not how adult relationships work. Sometimes you are going to gravitate toward one person more than another and the time spent is going to always be in flux. There are going to be competing priorities in your life that you will always be trying to meet and you aren't going to be able to allocate your time fairly.

    You also need more support than just your relationship. Your partner is nice, but it's not healthy to cut off everyone who isn't him. Push back against the idea of cutting off your friends. If he insists you officially need to cut them off, that's toxic and you deserve to be free of him anyway.

    Instead, concentrate on yourself. It sounds like you aren't getting the support you need from your friends as easily as your boyfriend. Ask for more support from the people you do know, and if they can't meet those needs it's okay to naturally gravitate toward friends who can. Pickup activities and seek out other friends who can be understanding of your current situation.

    Don't get involved in this drama about cutting people off. If they choose to stop hanging out with you because you are spending too much time with your partner that is their prerogative.


    Friend: God, why are you bringing him again?? You: I'm sorry, I already invited him and didn't realize this was a friend-only hangout, I'll let him know to sit out next time Friend: He is going to ruin the event tonight though and you know how uncomfortable he makes us, why can't you hang out with us for once? You: It would be rude now to uninvite him, can we accommodate him this time? Friend: No, he is kind of an asshole and ruins the vibe You: That's okay, we will sit this one out

    Boyfriend: Your friends are toxic and unsupportive of how much I do for you, I wish you would defend me and cut them off You: I need friends who aren't just you in my life Boyfriend: Yeah, but you don't need them!! You: I know they have been antagonist towards you, I'll make sure you don't need to be around that in the future and try to hangout with Cheryl more, who hasn't said anything negative about you Boyfriend: I don't trust Cheryl You: She seems like a good person and we want to go wine tasting just the two of us this weekend Boyfriend: What if she invites everyone else? You: That's okay, you won't be there and I won't let them say anything negative about you to my face behind your back.

    Keys: – Don't feel guilty about not spending time with them, don't let them guilt you into anything – Don't let them say anything negative about your boyfriend – Spend time hanging out with people who can be positive – Respect pre-existing plans

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  3. Her proposed compromise:

    Let's snuggle a bit and then sleep in separate beds

    His proposed compromise:

    Let's be a normal couple that doesn't openly dislike sleeping together

  4. Tbh, I might be biased here, but I’ve written worse for optative classes for a few classes in my degree. Although it has never been very detailed because of length requirements, but I would have been very detailed if it had come to it.

    It’s more concerning to me that the reason was “sex sells”, as if it was just sex, than if he showed awareness of what he was writing at the time he did. Especially because he later sells a story of him being ashamed of who he was and keeping it as a reminder of that and I just… People don’t normally do that outside of fictional narrations. I don’t buy it. I’d be more okay with him simply stating he doesn’t like to get rid of things he has written, whatever the reason for it might be, or almost anything else than that fake ass growth narrative. Because you can grow but that’s for sure not the reason to keep that semi hidden yet still easily accesible.

    Anyway, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what it means to you, what it means in your daily life, analyse if it’s actually manifesting irl in any way that you can think of, and whether or not it’s a flaw you can overlook or something that will keep you up at night for the foreseeable future.

  5. Sounds like she’s gone a little too deep down the “I hate men, fuck the patriarchy, men are trash” rabbit hole.

    I think it’s ok for you to leave her to keep your self respect and dignity in tact. Women are capable of being the abuser and that is exactly what she is to you.

  6. If your “beef” is with them, then aim it at them. Do you not think it’s a bit out of order to comment that on someone’s post when they have nothing to do with a) the other posts and b) what other people say?

  7. Your BIL is going to turn up to a black tie event in a literal clown suit. Let me write a speech for you to pass along to your best man. He can incorporate it into his.

    Weddings are great, aren’t they? They bring out who we are, who we want to be. I mean, look at [bride’s name]. Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she stunning? She looks like a princess, right out of a fairytale. And look – look at [groom’s name.] He’s here in his tux. Very James Bond. And look at all of you out there. [Guest name], very nice, love the sequins. And [other guest name] with the kilt, representing Scotland! And then we have [clown’s name]. Here we have before us [clown’s name] in his purest, most natural form, ladies and gentleman. Not a beggar at the feast – a clown at the wedding. That takes some kind of courage. I can’t imagine what it was like being [bride], growing up alongside a clown. I’ll leave it to [maid of honour] to fill us in. First, let me tell you all about the moment I met the groom…

  8. What are you talking about?! What are you actually talking about?! Do you really think there weren't any other steps or discussions between your friend and his study buddy? You didn't think it would be so bad for you to try it? What is “it”? Sex? Listen, the only way you're going to get sex without any intimacy or preamble is if you pay a sex worker for it.

    You just sound super socially disconnected and awkward and it seems like you don't fully view women as people. Please read and absorb the vast majority of these comments.

  9. What's up with a bunch of faux stories.

    From crazy twisted submissive arranged marriage wife to nerdy husband not being wife's first choice to this.


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