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  1. So I printed out the papers to petition to just see if she would try to stop me and see if she cares about it

    No you did it to see if she would stop you and see if she cares about it. Or that's the reason you said when you were writing it, and that's probably not the real reason. You've told yourself enough different reasons by now that you don't even remember the real reason.

    Anyway, doesn't matter. Whatever has gone wrong, it's irrepairable. Just move on now and make the most of your lives without each other.

  2. Yes I understand the excitement of the “dating phase.” But I know that when I listen to her talk about things that I don't normally have interest in, I still am a supportive husband that will happily entertain it and listen for hours. It just hurts to know it can't be returned. And let's be clear, it definitely isn't boring subjects – I mean when I say something about how I feel (let's say we are painting a room and she asks if we can do blue, if I say I really don't like blue, it feels like I'm not heard)

  3. Imagine being in this situation, for the next ten years. Because by staying that’s what you’re signing up for.

    If you were dating someone who said “you’re not attractive, I don’t want to have sex with you” and made you feel embarrassed and I satisfied you’d never give them another date. Do not give this man any more years.

    You’ve already said other people make you feel confident and attractive. So imagine how you’ll feel when you can give them all that time or energy. Even if it takes the ten years I’m using as a demonstration, those ten years of meeting people, deeening friendships, going out and doing what you want on your own, will be ten times better than doing it with an anchor tied to you.

  4. Be gentle with yourself, this is a lot to process. You're doing great realizing things and trying to make a plan. Stay safe ❤️‍?

  5. He’s a liar, he wanted to see his ex without you being present. He knows why he did this. Instead of letting letting poor self esteem make you think he’s embarrassed if you; demand an explanation. Insist that it is unacceptable, a dealbreaker and now you and he have boundary and trust issues. That HE needs to do the work to fix. He disrespected you, at a minimum. And lied to about the outing .

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