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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. It’s all good dude. You guys aren’t married, it’s not your kid. You can just break up and have nothing to do with it. Get a paternity test to confirm and protect yourself. Find a lady who won’t cheat on you. and I’d question your relationship with your parents, too. If they are pushing for you to take care of this kid everyone knows isn’t yours, I doubt they are gonna stop after you break up with her. you may end up cutting them off if they don’t fix their behavior in that department

  2. I'm just wondering who goes to another area, then calls and talks about being poly couple, girls got problems. You do that sort of thing in person discussions happy said whatever,unless you are hoping they can come home with you like a puppy, haha. Worse case scenario emotionally unavailable needs u to live and get started off in life. I'd say stop investing in this relationship, emotionally or financially, until you truly clear a few things up. Meaning there isn't a lack of trust to point you are searching wondering and asking on internet.

  3. So what he's really saying is that since she's constantly dragging around dudes and flaunting her inability to commit to one person, you might decide that it looks like fun and join in on the dick hopping.

    Sounds like dude has a trust issue with you and not an issue with her being a bad person.

  4. i don’t want to break up

    Your cat deserves better than you if this is the life you are going to give it. You should realize that.

    You should also see the big giant red flags and be out of there for your own sake.

  5. I’d say he was insensitive but not in the wrong (but I wasn’t there). Maybe he said it in a dick way. Maybe it was a simple observation. If there wasn’t malicious intent behind it, I wouldn’t make a big deal of it. And, if the dude is with you and enjoying being with you who cares how big he might see you. Although, as a dude, your reaction would be a red flag for me because I’m wouldn’t want to be bitched at if I was just having a conversation and not purposely being an asshole.

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  7. In denial? I’ve literally said so many times that I feel terrible because I made her feel terrible. I’ve been mad at myself for 4 days because of this and I’ve done nothing but admit that I messed up big time. Get off your high horse and get out of this subreddit if you’re just gonna be rude and try to make people feel worse than they already do. Smh.

  8. Pregnancy can and will kill you. I hate being so bald about it, but it’s true. My first pregnancy was incredibly easy. I could have given birth to my oldest in a field and caught them myself. My youngest was born a month early and ended up in the NICU for 16 days. I was in the ICU for one of the six days I was in the hospital. Birth is a total crapshoot, and everything goes fine until it doesn’t.

    He’s literally telling you that his “legacy and fulfillment as a man” is more important than your life. Why, I don’t know. What legacy is he talking about? His achievements on Call of Duty?

  9. There is nothing within what OP posted that states she doesn't have access to money. OP said husband said no, that's it.

  10. Just find a divorce lawyer and serve her the papers.

    There is no discussion to have with her, but you do need to talk to your children.

    Her reaction is purposefully designed to get you to not divorce.

    And ignore everyone that is saying that you move out. It doesn’t matter how far back the cheating was, as the cheater she is the one who moves out.

  11. Do you mean a lawyer, in as far as keeping SMF away from kids? I've also just learned that the mother of two little girls (SMF's 1st cousin; my wife's niece) just bought a house less than 200 yards from the trailer SMF lived in before he was locked up and chances are, he'll be living there again when he gets out. My wife's other niece lives within walking distance, too. I'd say 500 yards or so from SMF's trailer.

    To me it's utter lunacy. Even if the odds of him re-offending were one in twenty billion that should still be too big of a risk for a decent parent to be willing to take with their daughter, but talking to them is like talking to a wall.

  12. I agree he can think someone else is attractive: but I don’t agree that it is okay to be full on interested in someone and want to be with them in some form or capacity. I know when I’ve been in love of course I can visually see that others are attractive, but I’ve always known I just wanted my partner and I was not actually interested in being with anyone even if I think they’re good looking. That’s what makes me sad that he says it’s crazy to want a partner who would only be interested in you. I am also in therapy now, just started and hoping it will help. May I ask, what did you do/read/study to learn more about attraction and get yourself to a more stable sense of self?

  13. This reminded me of this episode of “Friends” when Monica’s boyfriend “Fun Bobby”, quit drinking, and just became “Bobby”.

    Best of luck to you.

  14. You probably had an hour of time to yourself in total for 5 months. Him going to work is total freedom compared to this. The fact that your child is upset without you tells me he has not spent any significant time with it.

    I bet you'd love to work in a 1800's coal mine for a day just to get a break and he complains he never goes out..

  15. I loved an addict for a very long time. I went though the cycle of rehab and relapse for years. You have to understand that your wife's and probably many more of your relationships are broken. Sobriety is not some magical clean slate that wipes away the trauma and abuse that you delt during your time/s of active addiction. Sobriety is a base minimum.

    You have to build and earn trust. You have to put in the physical and mental work on every single last one of your relationships. It could take years and you have to be honest with yourself that there are relationships that will never be mended. Your and only your actions have lead you to where you are today.

    You admit you were matching the energy of drunk and altered people so I can fully understand your wife's concerns. Healthy people don't fake drunk to fit in. You may not even be conscious of it but it's exactly what you were doing and why she reacted the way she did. You may not be to the point in your journey that you think you are because of this.

    I highly recommend changing your friend groups and only doing sober activities with certain friends until you are in a better place and maybe forever.

  16. Why wait?

    Just dtmfa.

    You don’t need to be cruel back to one who was cruel to you.

    Just pull the metaphorical trigger and get this person out of your life.

  17. Oh my god it sounds like you both need to cut her off like 6 months ago. I’m thinking you need to tell hubby straight up that you don’t want any more contact with her, lay it all out like what she said to ex as well as all the plans etc, if you think he’s going to resist this then that’s really sus. If you think he’s gonna have trouble cutting her off you need to start a complex disinformation campaign against her. Make him doubt her, question her personally etc you would need to be very careful with this path because it could easily backfire but I’m thinking you need to take drastic measures right NOW!

  18. So you have been together for a year, celebrated with a really nice date, wrote to each other how much you love each other…but because you didn’t do some trivial crap on a social media platform then she wants to leave you?? I’d be disgusted

    Your relationship is between you and her and it sounds like you did everything to show her. But she sounds like she values the show off to the world part more than the intimate part. That doesn’t bode well.

    Social media addiction is a serious issue.

  19. How can you ever trust someone that is currently lying to their marriage partner about you?

    at least you know he is good at keeping things from others. Imagine what he keeps from you

  20. Thank you for the advice! This would be a terrible shock to them, but maybe it's a good idea to put put myself first. (and love myself more)

  21. Basically told them – we are self sufficient hard working adults, we respect others and their ability to live their lives. We’re not suddenly a different species because we don’t attend mass or church as adults and we haven’t since our teens. You can be human and decent without baptism and going to church. It’s not their choice to dictate how we raise Our kids or how we teach our children about the world/religion at large. We’re better people without all that baggage and judgment.

  22. Of course he’s claiming to have been more drunk than he actually was. You caught him raping your sister while she was too drunk to consent. He’s trying desperately to dodge responsibility. Get your head on straight.

  23. but I definitely pushed him to it

    No, not really.

    You had him believe you were broken up, but you certainly didn't make him sleep with his coworker. He did that on his own.

    'Getting over it' doesn't entail that you bottle up your feelings. You have to acknowledge and actively work through it, so that you won't feel this burdened and conflicted like you do right now. Communication is a must.

  24. Okay I haven’t gotten through all the comments but how is this guy a predator? There’s a 2 year age difference, they seem like they’re in similar life stages and unless OP has dropped a bomb that he was like her supervisor in the comments then I’m not really seeing it.

    It sounds like he’s a dude with a purity kink which considering how heavily some religions push hang ups about abstinence and sex isn’t totally surprising.

  25. He makes me feel as if I pushed him to how he was and hell do anything to change. But tbh he also has lied a lot too. Don’t think I’ll ever fully be secure with him. But I just hate the fact he’ll be so much better to someone else than he was with me

  26. Don’t over think this. You’ll ruin a good thing by ruminating on something that’s nothing. Your best bet is to ask her. “Hey, whats your texting style, are you a quick texter, slow texter, get to it when you get to it? I enjoy texting with tou, of course but want to make sure we’re on the same page.“ and see what she says.Do this casually when in person.

  27. OP,

    Honestly sometimes it takes a smack up side the head by our partners to wake us up. You did it by breaking up with him.

    You should never worry about what others think because they are not living your life. I am also saying that you don't have to take him back. If you happy where your at then why not try what your doing longer. Not together, but not away from each other. See if say 6 months or a year. If he reverts back to his old self then your correct. If not then who knows.

    Maybe with what you did, he has seen the error of his ways and could be the best thing for you. Again, who knows.

  28. here we are on reddit all over thinking what EVERYTHING means

    Here we are on reddit where some of us actually take jokes about violence against women seriously, since jokes about such are part of why violence and harassment against women are so often normalized, tolerated, and even condoned in many locations, in addition to not taken nearly as seriously as it should be.

  29. She needs multiple pairs of shoes to wear for work so they have time to dry thoroughly between her shifts. Like only wear them every other day and she should change socks throughout her shift.

  30. Drinking in moderation like he does is not going to have any palpable long-term negative impacts on his health. If he is a daily smoker then that is a bigger issue though.

  31. Even though I'm a very young father, There's nothing wrong with me besides being a good father unlike what they're trying so hard to make me out to be, so this case shouldn't be that hard to win imo. But what do I care, I've never been through the court system.

  32. I didn’t specify if I wanted anything for my birthday, hell, I didn’t even know I would’ve wanted anything till I didn’t get anything.

    Then you should simply sit him down, and tell him that moving forward, you'd really like to do something for birthdays (and potentially other holidays).

    We haven’t discussed expectations but I wasn’t even looking for anything super nice. Just something

    Expecting something is also an expectations. Most couples discuss what 's important to them, don't overthink it.

    I know we don’t have a lot but dude buys himself food all the time when we have food at home

    Do you already live together? Do you have joint finances?

  33. I get where you’re coming from, and where he’s coming from.

    Have you all considered pre-marital counseling to talk about money? It’s often a big source of tension and it’s great that you’re bringing this up now but I’d strongly recommend having a facilitator help you talk through your values and attitudes about money. It can bring up strong feelings and a counselor can help coach you to communicate effectively through differences, and find compromise and empathy.

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