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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. The part with the friend suck but god damn the comments here are dumb as hell.

    No the “good” reaction to sexual harassment (or any type of street violence) isn't necessarily escalating the situation, verbally or physycally.

    A friend of mine got in a situation similar to OP in a festival : dude gropes his GF, he punches the dude. Turns out the guy was drunk and fell on his head. Nearly died.

    My friend spent weeks in jail and had to go through years of justice proceedings.

    People need to stop fantasizing about violence.

  2. At my last job, a woman I worked with was hooking up with a short term contractor who did some IT work for us. She was very discreet and kept everything after hours. But the contractor was the same religion as a full-timer on staff, and they went to lunch together a lot because they ate the same kinds of foods. At lunch, the contractor would tell the full-timer all about his hookups with the woman. Eventually the full-timer told other full-timers. Soon, everyone knew all kinds of intimate details about this woman. I was a manager in a different department but it wasn’t long before I knew that she had a big bruise on her back from banging into the faucet over and over again when they did it in the sink of our office bathroom. This all happened 5 years and 2 jobs ago but it’s still the first thing I think of when this woman pops up in my FB feed. OP, THIS GUY DOESN’T RESPECT YOU AND HE DOESN’T CARE IF NO ONE ESLE DOES, EITHER. Why would you give him another chance?!

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