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Date: September 26, 2022

13 thoughts on “Karenn smith live webcams for YOU!

  1. You want FwB he wants a girlfriend/maid. Make your expectations known. You’re not compatible. Cut your loses.

  2. So you ended it with the ex because of manipulative behavior and I'm sure some controlling issues were in there too. And now you've married someone with the same issues. Sounds like you're repeating a pattern OP. I'd suggest therapy alone to figure out why you're attracted to women like this.

  3. You're acting as if you have already successfully predicted every outcome of this situation, but unless you're the Oracle of Delphi, you probably haven't.

    You need to tell your brother the truth; you have been avoiding him not because he did something, but because his girlfriend's social media habits are excessive and because you don't trust her after she filmed you against your will and posted the footage online even after you made your uncomfortableness known.

    I can understand why you feel violated by her actions and why you might not trust her in the future, but you seem to have a very black-and-white stance on this and be completely unwiling to have your initial feelings challenged.

    It's fine if that's really how you feel, but if your overall question is how you can make good with your brother, then the answer is that you are going to have to give this woman another chance.

  4. Why don’t you make it a date day? Take her for a nice lunch, tell her you’d prefer to pick things out together, and make an event out of it.

  5. yeah, they were the flatmate nobody ever saw because they were holed up in their bedroom, being unsociable.

    I dunno, I'm an introvert myself but I do think it's unhealthy the way some introverts think they can just be unsociable with anyone and everyone apart from that one online community where they can geek out on whatever their trip is. I know I have hermit tendencies, but I force myself to get out and about and interact with people. We are a social species, so a lack of sociability is not normal.

  6. F*ck George. He doesn’t deserve your forgiveness. You’re better off without trash people in your life.

  7. Ok well the not paying for porn thing is strange because what you're essentially saying there is you're fine with just, free porn, which is…super exploitative.

    Further tho…man he could have found all of that for free. Dying.

    Lastly – addictions are things people are ashamed of and it doesn't seem like it should shock and surprise you that he'd hide something he's embarrassed by. He wasn't taking advantage of you. Your entire relationship is not a lie, he just has lied. I personally think a person can be dishonest about some things and that doesn't make them and overall dishonest person. But that's just me.

    If you can't deal with it, don't. You're 26, you can get divorced with pretty much no consequences.

  8. If you’ve been together 15 years and you’re not married or at least engaged, why are you still entertaining the relationship?

  9. She physically assaulted you for having sex with people while you weren’t together? No that wasn’t a “fair punishment.” Run.

  10. Mustard, ketchup, yogurt, PLEASE PASS THE CONDIMENTS!

    If you want it ….. pour it yourself. Daintily dipped, slathered and smothered, or just without are okay. Sharing is fine if equal. If one is taking the hog’s share …. Get your own trough.

    This sounds more about insensitive, uncompromising, and frankly, inconsiderate behavior. Kind of like ….. being upset someone does Not want to share their hot meal because they Always let them have the remaining food, and the mooch expects her to surrender the hot food BEFORE it is even touched.

    OP, you need to grow up and read the room. You do not share well accept this and apologize: now. Get a dipping cup, or a squeeze bottle to cover your potatoes in a gourmet way, but for the sake of your marriage stop being part of the problem. Solution: GET YOUR OWN! YEEEEESH!

    Best of luck with your evolution, OP.

    Agape ?

  11. Take it from someone who’s been in your situation. Do it now. Don’t wait. Make the process short and kind.

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