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  1. If you're serious about wanting to remain friends then you should explain to him that it's never going to work/happen and that you're happy to stay friends as long as he keeps to that boundary.

  2. No. You didn't want it. He can't force it. If he breaks up with you over something that made you uncomfortable like that, he only cared about the sex and not the relationship part.

    Threesomes are overrated and fetished anyways (especially with two women). Fuck him

  3. Let it blow over. If you and your partner are still good that's the important part. Delete the pics if you haven't already. You don't need to defend yourself any further

  4. FWIW seeing your comments leaning more towards breaking up, make sure to repeat x100 times that she's great and there's nothing wrong with her so she can have an easier time dating again after the breakup. I've had terrible breakups that left me questioning my self worth and that takes way longer to heal than getting over the relationship. But when my my bf brought it up this way I didn't feel like that at all. Take all the blame upon yourself, it's the least you can do and, well, it's true haha.

  5. You are being completely selfish and wasting this woman’s time. She is clearly looking for a long-term partner and thinks you’re it. If you don’t want that with her, break up and let her move on.

  6. Nope I was that age when I met my husband and still had time to date 4 years, get married, have 3 kids, get a mini van and move to suburbia. It’s been a wonderful 17 years together, I hope there’s 17 more.

    I knew my husband back in high school but reconnected 8 years later. I was was home for the holidays. I lived 800 miles away, I did NOT expect to meet someone in my hometown, move back and settle down there.

    If I were you I’d Make the best of your little friend group. Are any of them single too who are in the same boat and willing to do activities? Or do you have married/otherwise taken friends who are still decent wingmen?

    Or, start an indulgent new hobby that takes up too much time. Like… a kayak. People LOVE talking about their kayaks. Beer making is a hobby my husband liked a lot until he gave himself liver problems with it (a little warning label on that suggestion). Goals make people feel good about themselves so buy yourself some ridiculous Outdoor gear, make yourself some friggin Pilsner or farm house ale or some shit. You’ll find other enthusiasts, maybe cute women, or new friends who might introduce to new people.

    It’s actually a good thing it’s been a year. People need that long to get back to baseline after the dissolving of a long term relationship. You’re not rebounding, you’re moving on.

  7. this is nice wording, thank you! i’ll mix it into what i have thought about sending since this is very direct

  8. Really it's not up to him, if you're done, you're done. You're already resentful of the emotional energy you have to expend in the relationship, and that's unlikely to get better.

    Will it break hearts if you leave? Of course it will. Absolutely. But what do you look like if you stay? You're right, you were very young and you took on a LOT and I'm not surprised you're looking around now and realising that having an 8 year old at 25 with all that entails isn't what you might be wanting right now.

    Personally, I don't think that anyone who truly does not want to be in a relationship should stay in it. It's soul destroying.

  9. I'm sorry. You deserve a partner, not a manchild.

    If you've made up your mind and just need reassurance, here it is: He isn't going to change. Consult a divorce attorney ASAP.

    Happy belated birthday. Sending you virtual cake and hugs ??

  10. If her fiancé is more attracted to someone else, maybe she'd be doing her a favor… sucks for both parties (OPs husband & co- workers partner).

  11. Pack tour stuff and LEAVE. IMMEDIATELY.

    Don’t wait another hour, day or week. Leave. He is unstable. As soon as he is not around. This man is dangerous.

  12. Does he ? I mean he's not compromising either. It's litteraly “Do as I want but don't hope for me to do my part, even if you would like to do another way.”.

    It's just like you wanted to cook pasta because you don't like to cook meat because it's too difficult for you, he insists you cook meat but he doesn't want to cook it knowing you don't know how to cook.

    Or wants to go to the mountains when you would like to go to the beach, but don't get any hotels, activities, restaurants to go to at the mountains.

    And honestly, my spouse would never call me a jerk. We can argue, we can disagree, we can be angry, but name-calling is at the bare minimum a way for couple therapy. You deserve respect, especially when he's at fault. He needs to get that he's not a teen anymore.

  13. He has a great job in IT. He travels over an hour to get to work and is waiting on his recruitment agency to find somewhere close.. He has been offered many great jobs but over the past weeks but has declined as they are all similar distance to his current

  14. I'm at a crossroads

    No, you aren't. You are dating a jobless hustler who is trying to hustle you into letting him move in so he can use you.

    my family has been very protective of me

    Sounds like you don't have a good track record of recognizing when prospective partners aren't good for you, so you get into relationships with losers/users/abusers. You are hiding this relationship because you know it is a losing proposition to waste your time with this guy.

  15. My husband and I split everything and this wouldn't be OK in either of our books. You laid down your boundary and he isn't a fully contributing partner, why exactly you keeping someone around you that likes to disrespect you? And he has money to go out but not to help with rent?

  16. Purity culture strikes again. When you spend decades being told that sex is bad and it makes you impure, you can’t just switch it off. It’s not unheard of that that programming could manifest in physical ways that cause pain. Or she just happens to also have something that causes pain. I wouldn’t be surprised if the programming had the idea that sex isn’t fun for women and it’s something you do for your husband…which is why it seems like a chore. It very well may be to her. It’s also entirely possible she has a low libido or is asexual so sex hurting doesn’t bother her because she doesn’t want to have sex.

    But at the end of the day the WHY doesn’t really matter if she has zero idea to a) figure it out and b) do anything about it. Would getting a diagnosis really change anything if she doesn’t want to fix it? If anything it might make it worse because you’d know things could be different she just doesn’t give a shit.

    You could attempt marriage counseling to see whether that could make her care about you unhappiness. That’s the linchpin – she has to care enough to agree that your sex life needs fixing.

  17. I think it's actually kind of her – do we really want our partners forced to listen to us go on and on about shit they don't care about? Especially when ranting/monologuing is typically very one-sided? If we wanted a captive audience, we should have become teachers.

    It gives me the freedom to talk and her the freedom to say she's had enough. And it's actually changed the way we communicate, and the way I “rant” … which has led to more enriching conversation.

  18. You have been living together for TWO YEARS and you're talking about marriage. He should already know.

    You need to tell him asap. Tell him by next week. Don't put it off any longer.

    You also need to be seeing a therapist if you're not.

  19. Seriously that was vaguely forgivable a generation ago when you might not have grown up with access to a computer but now you're just hopeless if you're hunting and pecking

  20. This is why you don't date someone 11 years younger than you. She's an immature 24 year old..doing immature 24 year old things.

  21. Your feelings are valid especially as you have prior experience with her. However, let your boyfriend works wherever he wants to. You can voice out your concerns but the decision will still be his alone.

    You can just trust him that he will remain loyal to you and will shut her down.

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