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  1. I mean last night I had to pick up my drunk gf and her friend from DT area. Decided to give them my room to sleep in while I took the couch. I came in to grab my AirPod and her friend was undressing to get into something comfortable. So we both saw her tits. I shut the door immediately. Knew it was a platonic girlfriend thing and just acted like I didn’t see anything. If anything I was more pissed at how annoying they were when they refused to go to bed. And I had to give them a ride to work and to the other ones car this morning.

  2. He isn't weird, you two just clearly want different things in life. Stop wasting time and talk to him about it. Be honest with him and tell him you don't want children and you have no interest in being a housewife.

  3. What do you want to do about it? I wouldn't tolerate someone blowing up my phone if I was in the shower or wanted to decompress and needed some time? You can only be made to feel like an asshole if you accept her premise that you are a human serotonin dispenser, whose role is to boost her when she feels down. She is being inappropriate with you. It's not OK for her to show up at your job. She's not being a sweet person if she's doing this to you — it's a form of control, even if it stems from whatever abandoment issues she may have.

  4. I was at a wedding where the couple had each picked out each others wedding rings, a surprise on the day. The grooms ring was HIDEOUS. During the reception everyone's reaction was a polite, 'oh isn't it lovely.' while making 'poor bastard' eyes at each other over drinks

    The groom hated it too, he did a good job hiding it but he was clearly a little stunned by the choice she'd made. They went on a cruise for their honeymoon and tragically his wedding ring was 'lost' over the edge.

  5. Oh girl cmon where are your standards?! It’s been 3 dates and you’re swooning over his words but choosing to ignore his actions. Why? How does that benefit you at all?

    You see that he is constantly on his phone and doesn’t pay attention to you. What about you exactly is he fantasizing about because I’m failing to see how he could know you at all when he isn’t even paying attention to you. Are you so easily swayed by pretty words that you’re willing to ignore the glaring red flag is he waving in front of your face? HE is the one too distracted to see around him, not you. Don’t blind yourself by your feelings so much that you actively choose to ignore what is right in front of your face.

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