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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Also means no kissing probably. OP literally asking to wear a paper bag. Hope she can work through it. Conventionally attractive is only one way to be attractive, and overrated at that.

    Nothing sexier than self-confidence.

  2. It’s worth remembering that being “pretty” has no universal standard, and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Just because your boyfriend may have found some of his exes prettier than you, it doesn’t mean he is right. Someone else looking at it might put you at number one. One man’s peach is another man’s poison, as it were. The best takeaway from this is that you shouldn’t attach your entire self worth over what another person may think of you.

    In any case, your boyfriend wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t find you attractive so honestly I don’t think you should give this any more thought.

    However, the fact that you had a similar conversation with your ex about how he would rate you (in addition to posting on reddit to ask strangers to rate you) points to the real issue here: your own insecurity. You need to seriously examine why you need to keep asking for validation from people about the way that you look. Constantly asking people to rate you out of 10 or rank you among their exes is unhealthy and will only continue to upset you if you get an answer you don’t like. Stop doing this. Just be happy and content with yourself.

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