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  1. Take baby steps dude. If you want your marriage to work, then you gonna have to put in the work for it. Change doesn't come without some type of sacrifice to some degree. Good luck.


  2. Personal I would if I had the few extra funds would get him something if he games a ps5 or something with a note saying just wanted to say thank you for being part of my life and a brother inlaw to me.

    Sorry about the timing of the car..I did not think and in the future when it comes to birthdays and holidays we can discuss stuff together..put our heads together.

    It would defuse and if he still has a red a.. Then the balls in his park to ket things go or he is the atse

  3. Not currently in a relationship but I have a 12 year old and I don't let her have free reign of my phone either. She does not know my password code. I don't necessarily have anything bad to hide but there are conversations either soem of my friends that are private as much for me as they are for them. They tell me stuff about their partner issues sometimes that are no ones business but ours. It would also violate their privacy and I don't want to have to delete my msg all the time to protect others. I like to keep my msg usually. It's my phone so my property. It isn't always about hiding affairs, it's also to protect what you and your friends talk about that doesn't necessarily affect your SO at all. The only time it would be maybe appropriate is if you had cheated on him and he wanted to try and make things work and you had to gain back his trust by being an open book. But that's not the case here. But really if you were doing shady stuff you'd probably delete the evidence. Healthy relationship people trust each other so will not be going through each other's phones.

  4. I know, it’s super fucking weird, and I hate it. But I don’t hate him. That’s why I posted it here. I wanted advice on this situation, and I’m getting a pretty good idea of what I can say to better help me make a decision about everything.

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