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  1. Having been in the swinging environment as a couple I can say without a doubt your husband is an ass.

    He hasn't taken your wants needs or desires into account, it's very important that there is open honest communication within a couple that enters into swining.

    His behaviour and attitude and towards you show that he has no interest in your health, mental or sexual. He just wants to cheat (sexually) with your blessing, all the whole leaving you unfulfilled emotionally.

    Swinging is not about fucking everything with a pulse, it's about shared sexual experiences.

    He's an ass.

  2. This is interesting because I just asked a similiar question if I should be concerned that my girlfriend still follows her ex on Instagram so she can see what he's up to despite me voicing it makes me uncomfortable and I was told that it was just instagram and I'm making too much of it but the consensus here seems to be here that she should break up with her boyfriend immediately for following random girls

  3. Oh he is the absolute sweetest. I feel bad even making the list that I made, I'm just so traumatized to be honest its totally screwing with me, as you can tell. I'm in therapy but we've only had a few sessions so far so I haven't gotten too deep into trauma work yet with her. I feel like I have to fine comb every moment between me and him, so I don't “miss” anything like I did before. But i can tell I need to stop before I self sabotage.

    I appreciate your comment. Its really helpful for me to see feedback that none of this stuff is a big deal and I really have found the guy I thought I have. I spent over 6.5 years thinking I found “my person” and it was all an awful mistake, so that part of it alone has given me issues with overthinking my present because I didn't think about my past enough when it was happening. Thanks again!!

  4. I get your point of view in this comment. And yes you make sense about the restrictions. Although there weren’t necessarily restrictions that he gave me in this relationship as i’ve kept to myself and made my own decision to not game with my guy friends as much, I’ve uphold the promises that I made to him such as “eating breakfast every morning” (as I’m battling eating disorders) and also I’ve made changes in myself by talking it out and not going quiet/ avoiding him during an argument.

    I guess the entire ordeal I might be affected because I thought he would uphold his promises to me as well or at the very least talk about it with me if it gets too overwhelming. Again, instead of saying I’m blaming him for being unable to change, I’m more upset that he lied to me about it.

    But on the other hand, yes, age could’ve played a part in this as well. & whether it’s fair or not, I think it’s about whether your partner would be comfortable or not. Because ultimately even though nobody is perfect, I think its important to respect one another’s feeling.

  5. Most of the time, the “medical” reasons for it, are phimosis. Phimosis can easily be avoided, if people would stop forcefully retracting young boys, because that damages the penis and causes conditions like phimosis and reoccurring infections. People like to freak out and assume the foreskin is “dirty” if you don’t roll it back to clean, but it’s fused to the head of the penis for several years and doesn’t let anything inside, and only allows for pee to come out. After a few years, it retracts from the head and allows a boy to roll it back to clean. The fear of phimosis is not a good reason to circumcise infant boys, especially when women and girls are capable of having phimosis of the clitoral hood too, but we don’t circumcise girls foreskin, just in case she has issues with it later on.

  6. Yeah!

    Ptsd doesn't care if you remember or not he suffered. Be glad you can't remember I was in high school when both my older brothers went to war…. had many sleepless nights wondering if they'd make it home!

  7. I have actually talked to him about the uncertainty, and he was understanding through out the whole thing. But the pressure and being trapped? not quite.

  8. Hmm, so as the daughter of a very beautiful mom, I think contrary to most comments here this story is plausible with only the normal amount of missing context from one side of a story. I think it’s possible op gave as much support as she knew how to give and the daughter still has very low self esteem.

    Growing up, all I heard was how hot my mom was. That song “Stacey’s mom” was popular at the time and a lot of my classmates would replace it with “blvckcvtmvgic’s mom.” She’d get free stuff all the time from baristas our servers who thought she was pretty. She was on a billboard for her job once and was offered a modeling contract. In high school, this guy I was really into was more interested in my mom. It became a thing where I wouldn’t date anyone who ever said my mom was hot because it’s one thing to think that but another to feel okay saying that to my face.

    All that said, my mom never me feel like I wasn’t beautiful too. In terms of the free stuff, she’d almost always either give or share the food/drinks with me and my brothers and little stuff like that mattered because it was easy to feel invisible when everyone else acted like I/we weren’t there.

    It absolutely took a toll on my self esteem though regardless of the fact that my mom navigated all those situations as best as I think she could’ve.

    So idk. I think you should look into individual therapy, op. Then if your daughter is open to it, I think family therapy for you both would be really beneficial. You can’t apologize for your looks vs hers because that’s just something we’re born with but perhaps she felt let down by your reactions to some of those situations through the years. It’s clearly still very much affecting her so I think she would also deserve the safe space of therapy to express that to you with a professional.

    Good luck op.

  9. So how did you get out of this interaction? What did he say?

    Regardless, if that’s true you shouldn’t return home without police.

  10. The right thing to do here is to calmly say all of this to your wife. Not print the papers and hope that communicates it. Good mature comunnication is sooooo important

  11. You have a car, you can drive yourself, or he can stay at your place. Its unreasonable to expect him to pick you up to stay at his place and drop you back home. Its double the driving you would do yourself.

  12. Just because you know the answer doesn’t mean you need to interject, and say it. Have some tact. Allow others to figure it out, just like you have.

  13. It's not aggressive, though. It is clear and direct, which in this situation is better than being politely vague.

  14. An apology is very needed, but he doesn’t need to accept it or take you back. Sometimes you can’t take back what you said, and that’s just how it is unfortunately

  15. My boy would eat if I’d spent 24 hrs in a Florida swamp since I last showered, but for me personally I prefer to of had a shower in the last 6 hrs.

    If disposable douches are a thing in your country, give that a try too, maybe a couple of hours before.

    But, usually a run of fingers between ya folds will give you a good indication if the odor is your problem or his.

    I know it’s hard to have that confidence as a young female virgin, but try and pay attention, wear cotton underwear and wash with a simple soap.

    Chances are you are normal, but the above would eliminate doubt for you.

  16. Definitely not a surprise. I was more surprised that my own mind had changed in this way when I didn’t think I wanted children

  17. Sorry OP, but of course it’s for your body. He’s been waiting since first meeting you at 17. Doesn’t it make you wonder why he doesn’t date girls his own age? This won’t be a forever thing. If the sex is good just enjoy it but please make sure and live your life-your soon to be in your 20’s and that is such a great decade and you shouldn’t be with some guy long-term that is probably only dating you because he likes them young.

  18. Insecure men like him will make the fact that he hates himself your problem and bring you down along with him. Don’t let him dull your shine.

    He needs to figure out why he’s so miserable if he doesn’t know already. Therapy? He needs to understand that your happiness and talent takes nothing from him, so why bring you down instead of feeling lucky for having an optimistic, talented wife?

    When my husband acted like this, he was resenting me for things he never communicated to me about. I’m not saying that’s for certain the case here and there’s still no excuse for his actions but y’all need to talk.

    Demand the respect you’re due and refuse to settle for any less. Remember: you don’t have to stay with someone who doesn’t seem to like you.

  19. Walk away. Do not go the open route. That is not fair to her. Let her find someone who loves her.

  20. If you let this go you show both of them where your priorities are. You don't let your kid “choose” to be treated terribly just to make you & your wife fight less. You know which of these people is being awful and you're still actually considering backing down.

    You are starting on a path in which your son is treated progressively more terribly while you stand by & watch, and he shuts up so he doesn't cause more waves with this woman who hates him. You need to step in to defend your kid.

  21. Expecting your husband to refrain from boring you to death isn't unreasonable.

    Wanting to talk AT you when he knows youre not enjoying it, is weirdly unempathetic.

    He should go start a podcast or something.

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