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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Can you explain 'mostly emancipated'? How long have you lived in your own home?

    You have never even met this guy. How many in person relationships have you had with peers? Has that been comfortable for you?

  2. I don’t get why men get all upset by women snooping in their phones looking for evidence of infidelity. If they’ve got nothing to hide then what’s the problem?


  3. Sadly this is the only good advice in this comments section.

    My take is that it was extremely rude and inconsiderate what she did, but also, OP isn't even in an “official” relationship with her yet. Not to excuse her actions in any way, of course. But I think OP could give her another chance if they both want to start an exclusive relationship with each other. And if she sincerely apologizes, of course.

  4. Listen, she's right. You should ignore what people are saying. She's also being asked if she's in need of rescue. She's in the same boat as you. Like the previous commenter has said, you are not here for advice, you are here to hear people telling you that it's ok to break it off/divorce her because she looks younger than she is. And it's not ok, and it will never be ok. You keep mentioning that she chose to move, but you DID AGREE to follow her! You cannot keep throwing a decision YOU HAVE MADE into her face just because the outcome sucks! You are a shitty husband IMO, you blame her for the way she looks, for the move, for what other people are saying! You should divorce her because you are whinny and care about what other people are saying AND refuse to go to therapy, but you shouldn't divorce her because of her looks, the move, and what other people are saying.

  5. Op, no one accidentally emotionally cheats. That kind of cheating is a conscious choice.

    Plus it was definitely an open relationship. He’s clearly poly and never disclosed this to you by the way things were going.

    I say this as someone who is ambiamorous, which means I equally enjoy monogamy and polyamorous relationships. Either is fine and it will depend on where I am in life, will depend on which one fulfills my needs more.

    But yeahhhhhh, they were in an open relationship the entire time.

  6. Just literally this. You are dragging this shit out OP and it's doing no one any favor. You don't sound like you are inlove with him… so why stay?


    because of pity?

    Because you are afraid of what people will think of you?

    None of those are good reasons to be with anyone especially not someone that has more feelings for u than u have for them. Its unfair and honestly I'm sorry for saying this as it will sound harsh but it's really fucking selfish!

    You are prioritizing your needs over his in a relationship you want out of. Leave so he can heal both physically apparently and mentally.

    You supporting him through a tough time will only give him hope that you care not just tht ur staying our of sympathy. Then what? He heals and he loses a family member? Or a job? Or a job opportunity?

    We live in 2023 shit sucks everywhere. Life happens all the damn time. There isn't an opportune time to break up with someone. Just rip the bandaid off and free this dude and yourself.

    Dragging it out is just fucking cruel dude.

  7. Listen, it’s your job to entertain company when you get off work. Next time, take a Tylenol and tap dance.

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