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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Dangerous in the sense that if you were to “date” a man with a crazy wife, she could make your life hell if she wanted to. Not saying this could happen but if you mess with a woman's security they could bring their wrath upon you. Especially if they're “connected”.

  2. this seems to be the consensus everytime i post this but i just can’t stop obsessing over this. i just feel so horrible and disgusted with myself

  3. Still can't. The alimony one gets in India in divorce is abysmal. Plus, to even get that mom would have to hire a good lawyer, for which she doesn't have money.

  4. Sooo he had an insta which he had 0 followers on but followed some news pages I guess. I knew of it later on but I’m assuming that’s the instagram he used to message her. And yeah I was thinking of that

  5. Ask him something so it gives him the opportunity to ask you the same question. If he does you can answer it and say something like I love when you ask me questions I hope you do that more often. If he doesn't, basically the same thing: Aren't you going to ask me as well? I love when you ask me questions.

    Sometimes guys are just dumb and something simple like that doesn't occur to them. Source: I used to be that dumb guy until my girlfriend said something to me

  6. Sounds the kind of thing that “traditional values” types say when your priorities don't include being a bang maid babymaker.

  7. Saw that mentioned later. Honestly, doesn't change my comment for me. She still did the right things by coming clean to her husband and distancing herself professionally and emotionally from the situation.

    Confessing you have feelings for someone doesn't automatically mean you're boinking that person too.

  8. He keeps everything very neat and tidy and cooks for me . Also he is very personable and loving towards me

  9. You can’t change his priorities and it isn’t unusual for someone to prioritize saving money. If you can’t move past this, it may be best to move on and find someone with a passion for traveling.

  10. You're glossing over the fact that he “does not want other dudes to see you without him.”

    Please do not placate this pathetic excuse for a man's insecurity. You are an indepent, adult human, any behaviour in a relationship that is in conflict with this truth is unacceptable.

    Good luck!

  11. i don’t think what i’m describing is uncommon or too complex for others to relate to which is why i’m here asking for advice. i’ve survived thus far, i’ll get past this. thanks for the advice!

  12. My sister stopped talking to me truly out the blue, and when confronted she told me she stopped feeling close to me, it’s been 7 months since and I’ve tried to be the bigger person twice met with her rejection. My brother moved away without a word to any of the family, and has only really spent time with me at my moms in between living situations. He seems to me like if he could live on his own he’d never talk to any of the family again. Neither of them really said ‘you’re dead to me’ but there were angry words thrown out and obviously hurt feelings. At this point I truly don’t know what it is specifically that decided for them to cut me personally out. I’d like to think that in the next “phase” of life for them there could be more understanding and common ground but not I’m afraid the more time that passes the less likely we’ll reconcile.

  13. Seems weird to jump straight to sex. He did match with you twice, but the lack of anything flirtatious is a bad sign.

  14. Man, some of you are on here acting like narcissistic sociopaths/psychopaths don’t exist. “Get a ring camera, a chain lock, pepper spray”. It’s easy as fuck to say when you don’t have to deal with it.

    My ex-wife literally broke into my hotel room when I left her….I wasn’t there, she was armed, and had an active restraining order on her from me. All because I found out that she was screwing some dude and I wanted out. Yes, getting cheated on sucks. But if you don’t need to be apart of the blow up, then stay out of it.

  15. And this time it seems to be even worse. Does she have any anger issues? Is she stressed and so lashes out on you? Regardless it's not healthy and you need to either seek therapy or just break-up with her if it's worsening your mental health.

    For me the pillars of a good relationship are respect and trust, and if that is not there then I'd rather be single.

  16. Huh advice that doesn’t assume their relationship is not balanced, says that communication and understanding is important, and doesn’t say OP’s partner is actually just mooching. Surprised it wasn’t downvoted but not surprised that the top comment is a rhetorical question with a response saying the only possible motivation for the partner is taking advantage of OP.

  17. I think he will be a good and devoted father to the child

    Lol only if the child is thin and pretty and never has any heath woes.

    Wouldnt you rather your child had a father who wasnt shallow and superficial?

  18. There are some very simple concepts to any long term relationship that must coincide with each other in order for it to have any chance of it lasting.

    These things do not have to exactly line up, but they do have to be similar enough… if they are not, then the two just are not long term compatible.

    If you two want different things for the most fundamental part of your relationship together, it will never work out.

    With whatever you two decide, resentment will forevermore be present here and it will rot out your relationship.

    Separating and going your own ways to find what you’re both looking for is honestly the only real option you have in this situation.

  19. So the first time it didn't work in his favor so he cut it short? Who cares if other people think it normal? If you don't want it then just move on

  20. That's very odd, maybe she's mentioning these things in hope that you take the initiative and try to meet her family, like a test to see if you care enough

  21. We think that very possibly could be a factor. 1 year old and a 3 year old. Her mother has gotten pretty concerned with her behavior lately. In fact both of her parents are pretty concerned.

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