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Date: September 24, 2022

8 thoughts on “Nika live webcams for YOU!

  1. You DEFINITELY NEED TO GET A LAWYER ASAP. Don’t let him blindside you. Have your ducks ima row so when he tries to do anything he will be just as shocked. I’d definitely stay on his good side and have him sign some paperwork about financials and stuff before he realizes you found out. He’d probably sign his life away thinking you have no idea what’s going on.

  2. I'm a near 23 year old who personally feels kinda weird about dating 18 year olds. I don't know how 30 year olds can contemplate dating 20 year olds.

    Maybe I'm too well adjusted, idk

  3. You sound like a horrible person let alone wife. Hopefully he leaves you and finds someone who deserves and loves him

  4. He needs to see a doc.

    Also, is he overweight by chance? My hubby had this issue for a while after he gained 20lbs. He wasn't obese or anything either and was otherwise healthy. No BP issues. He decided to lose weight for himself and after he lost 15 lbs his issue went away on its own.

  5. I had a similar thing with my exgf. I had to bring up us being labeled as in a relationship with each other on social media. She ask why. I tell her that it's odd that would even be a question. Also that it's weird for her to not want to be especially when she told me to join in the first place. She ended up doing it. I notice the areas she is involved in are… racey and have a notable amount of content and people who are actively in affairs and also swinging seems to be a thing. We have a talk and i tell her about my issues and where I have a problem and how could I work on it and if there is anything she could do to help me with trust issues I really didnt want to have. That I did trust her but not the people I could she see was spending time talking with and starting to hang out with. All seemed cool and figured out, though some of what was said gave me some suspicion but I tried to not think much about it. She broke up with me less than two months later.

    This was all very recently. I am your age OP. My ex is still in her twenties. We had been together for over 6 years. This was actually a very new long distance relationship. She had moved and I was gonna be following her.

    While not the same thing obviously, I see some parallels going on here OP. Do what you will with what I have said. My only real input is that hesitance towards wanting your partner involved in your social media is weird. I would happily tell my partner (and did) my reddit SN and my alts, and I dont tell that shit to my best friends.

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