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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. I’m afraid it will sound upsettingly familiar, but that’s why you need it! We’re all pulling for you here❣️

  2. Me and my husband told each other we loved each other after about two weeks. I knew I was going to fall for him after the first date though. When you spend so much time talking to a person, whether in person or virtually, you can get to know them enough to love them in a short amount of time. There’s a difference when two mature people know exactly what they are looking for and they find that.

  3. Again my man, I would just be speculating. Effort presents itself in many different ways. Maybe her idea of effort is different than your own.

    Or.. maybe you're correct, you put in a lot more effort. She may simply not care or have it in her to do so, to be that 'serous' in a relationship.

    Think the point is, you BELIEVE she isn't putting in enough effort, which is a valid complaint. If talking to her about it or communicating this fact is impossible as she won't hear it – then your options become quite limited.

    Usually the grieving party would state the problem to their partner and meet half way to resolve the grievances. This is the bases of relationships.

    If this doesn't work, you can 'put up or shut up' as they say. Break it off for your own mental wellbeing, finding someone who is a better fit. Or come to terms you'll simply be the one putting more effort in.

  4. Fair enough but I disagree. I prefer to trust my partners. I understand not everyone can say the same, but personally I don't understand the point of being with someone that you can't trust implicitly

  5. Maybe she's spending more time with him because she knows you're too busy looking for sex workers?

  6. My suspicion:

    Coming out of prison, he's looked for something that's exactly the opposite of prison: Innocent, fresh, unsuspecting and pure.

    These kind of things don't last. He will probably leave you once he heals.

    And 3 years don't cut it for a petty crime in general.

  7. He’s being honest with you about what he wants to do but he’s being extremely selfish. He doesn’t need to agree for you to end the relationship. Don’t put up with this. It’s total BS.

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