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  1. She managed to deal with muscle pain and hunger just like any other adult before she met you. I am sure she can handle it after.

    You are not being forced to do anything. You are choosing to give in to her demands, why? What does she have that is worth your health and mental wellbeing?

  2. I’m sorry, what is this “allow”? Unless you agreed to some sort of dom/sub arrangement, he does not get a say in what you buy.

  3. are you trying to fuck the sister or something? of course HER sister is going to say its unfair. Honestly i dont understand why you didnt just laugh at her and block her

  4. you don’t tell them that that is the reason. it will make you look extremely bad and you might permanently damage them mentally. you break up with them with other excuse.

  5. I mean I have the text messages, etc for proof and receipts, I came here for advice not to tell tales, it's my first serious relationship/relationship in general so yeah I don't know what i'm doing, what's wrong, right etc, so I'm asking for advice.

  6. It’s his responsibility to set boundaries with her, yes, but you have just as much right to stand up for yourself and put your foot down. She’s probably thinking she can walk all over you and you’ll take it

  7. Update: I spoke to her about my feelings and she told the guy she could not go and apologized for putting me into that position. Thank you

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