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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “NaomyHentay live webcams for YOU!

  1. Jesus christ. Dump this loser. He wants all the benefits with none of the responsibilities? He wants to fulfill his breeding kink fantasy then dump you and leave u with the kids.


  2. I’d say publicly shame him but don’t reference your sister. “Oh we aren’t together anymore after he made a pass at a High schooler in-front of me

  3. Obviously I don’t know the complexities of your relationship; but what would have to change for him to prioritize your need to feel secure. Because, based on what you’ve commented he seems more interested in limiting opportunities for growth, than having an equitable partnership

  4. That is such a hard to read sub. So deplorable to see all the “pity-me” perspectives in there. The ones showing true remorse, I'm proud of them, but 9/10 of those posts carry a sentiment (I even saw this phrase written three times in my hour long browse) of “this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me”.

  5. This is a very personal question. The internet can’t tell you how to proceed or give you a hard right or wrong stance on the matter. That’s why the topic is so heated and debated to begin with. You are dating someone who is pro life. Only you can decide if that’s ok with you.

  6. I'm a bi and poly woman from a conservative family.

    You are not doing anything wrong.

    It is good you know your desires and your limits and you are communicating them clearly.

    She does not have to loose her identity or who she is to be with you.

    You are allowed to be uncomfortable due to her treating you different.

    She is also allowed to be uncomfortable, but she seems to be valuing her comfort and her identity of over your comfort and your concerns.

  7. no she isn’t haha. she doesn’t have any of there numbers or Snapchat etc. but I guess it’s more so a just in case thing cause my last relationship it happened. but in the end if it did happen I would just end the relationship obviously

  8. Yes he can I just don’t want to be on FaceTime while he’s out around other people while I’m at home having this happen

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