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  1. The thing you have to understand about a narcissist is that they don't care. You are a commodity and a resource to be used, abused and when you don't act like a resource, thrown away.

    She does not give one thought as to your feelings. She is only giving you just enough to keep you around to garner your resources. With that in mind, you should immediately leave. Get up. Your stuff leave. Block her on whatever platforms you have. But leave, right now.

    You will never be more than a resource, you have to live with that. There is nothing more you can get from her then what she will give you now.

  2. Just be careful dude. Only you know how she’ll react to you wanting her to change the way she expresses herself. Maybe alcohol might help.

  3. Oh mama, these first three months are the hardest, and of those three months, the first three weeks are the hardest. Hang in there. It DOES get better.

    I can’t believe he’s complaining that you don’t want more children AND he’s complaining that he has to do anything for the ONE child you just had. Which is it, buddy? You can’t complain about both!

    Is he normally a big complainer?

  4. It is true. Imagine how you’ll feel seeing him come back from going on a date with another person, having sex with another person and being all giddy about it. People who want a poly lifestyle should never engage in dating monogamous people. The fact that he’s even entertaining it is a huge red flag.

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