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  1. Doesn't matter what we think, to be honest. What matters is that you two promised NOT to sleep with anyone else just in case we worked it out. That was the deal. She is sleeping with someone else which clearly says that she does NOT want to work it out. In the context of your relationship, yes, she is cheating. It is time to make the divorce final. Know that this opens a place in your heart for someone who loves you enough to stay faithful.

  2. Actually, yes. Unless people who are abused accept that they were abused and work through the trauma of it, frequently become abusers themselves. Male or female, doesn’t matter.

  3. i never experienced this in my life, but how can you not understand how disrespectful it is? It clearly shows that there is another dude on her mind during the act. She probably imagined getting railed by him to get off better. Like why else would you moan your ex's name midsex?

    OP sounds like he really is trying, improving and giving his best. I don't think he deserves this at all. You also have to take into account that this happened 4 times in a month. That is kinda a lot.

  4. I think you’re trying to rush it. Last time your dad made an effort with a bf he hurt his little girl. Just give it time

  5. First of all I think its WAY better to be honest in a relationship if one partner changes in a way that the other one does not like. It is a lot better to be told that you are gaining weight and should watch what you eat and maybe exercise a bit after gaining 12 pounds than it would be after 50 or if it gets too much if the partner just broke up eventually. Everyone telling you that your partner should not say anything is either stupid or full of themselves. I would rather get told that I am gaining weight sooner rather than later. 12 pounds can be easily lost in three months and it is actually quite possible to loose that much weight in 6 weeks without being super unhealthy.

    Secondly the anti depressents are not the actual cause for weight gain. They might give you more appetite, slow your metabolism or something like that. Food makes you gain weight. Instead of not taking the medication anymore you should just watch your calorie intake and cut it a little. I can actually tell you how much less you should eat. You gained 12 pounds, that is about 42000 kcal. That would be 175 ckal per day over the course of 8 months. So if you just eat literally 200 kcal less per day you will be fine.

    Ofc you can also listen to the people telling you that your bf is a piece of shit for being honest and saying something but then you will gain more weight in eventually he will leave you because no matter how much he loves you, if you get unattractive to him, it will not last. I really am baffled how many people prefer ther partner lying to them or not saying anything aobut these things over having a honest relationship where these things can be discussed.

  6. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Tldr; he asked me for one and now thinks I’m cheating because I told him no and I don’t know how to deal

    He just has recently got into a little bit of sexism likely and a few of his friends were cheated on so they are all like telling each other stories and saying they think all babies should get tested.

    My husband asked me and I told him no because it’s an insult. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and he’s already badgering me about that and it’s just distrustful. He now is convinced I’m cheating on him and that’s why I’m refusing and he just won’t stop this mood with me.

    How do I bring him a round to see what an idiosyncratic he’s being?

  7. My husband doesn’t like to read books, whereas I do. I don’t like going to the movies; I prefer tv series. I like being social, he doesn’t. I’m generally curious about other people, he isn’t. It still works. He is kind to me and a good husband. I like his company. Shared interests help, but aren’t a necessity

  8. Why are you having unprotected sex if you don’t want him cumming inside you? Why aren’t y’all using condoms? Let me guess he don’t like them ?

  9. You weren't enough of a man to tell her two years ago that she was too fast… That's weak. Weak in Charakter and speaks a whole lot about you. Just leave her be and grow up.

  10. Personally, family is very important to me and I wouldn’t be with someone whose family didn’t get along with me, or who didn’t get along with mine. Is he a family oriented person? Is he very close to them? If so, this is guaranteed to be an issue and a major source of friction in the future. Why don’t they like you?

  11. Update. She didn’t think I’d care because the guy probably has a crush on her friend, and didn’t think I’d be mad about her going for backup. I told her that I trust her and didn’t think anything would happen, but the whole thing just felt disrespectful to me. She felt really bad about making me feel uncomfortable and said she isn’t going. At this point I know she was just excited to go on a trip with her friend and see family, feeling like her friend was the guys focus. I feel like an asshole for making her not want to go and told her I’d be okay with it after her acknowledging my perspective and drawing boundaries, but she said she wouldn’t be able to have fun feeling like she was disrespecting me. I just hope she doesn’t resent me for it. She’s a good woman, and I love her. I hope love works out for all you people out there. It’s a wild ride

  12. There is nothing to be guilty about and zero reason to explain your decision. Everything that is happening is 100% his fault.

  13. She is ASKING you if you want to come see her- meet family, see where she grew up, etc. – she isn't “expecting” anything of you. If you can't afford to go, then just say no. If you can technically afford it but don't want to spend that much money, then just decline.

    And you are doing tit for tat. You literally put in your post that you make her TEA, I can't imagine counting down to the tiniest amount with my partner, not just in money, but in what we do for each other.

    If you are at this point with her, just break up.

  14. What you don't believe that everyone all of a sudden started calling her his girlfriend right at the one year mark?

  15. Girl, you need a SERIOUS reality check. None of this is even baseline acceptable behavior from a 26yo man towards his partner. Your problem is not communication, your problem is that somehow you're trying to impose adult expectations on an overgrown toddler with a horrible temper.

    As much as I think advice here can be very biased and one-sided, and I often play the devil's advocate to the partner OP is writing about (despite the downvotes), the things you've listed about your partner? There is no salvaging this. Get the hell out before his recklessness kills you.

  16. Get NRT patches, throw away any smoking paraphernalia you have, and stick to it. Just don’t give into to the temptations to smoke, especially within the first year of quitting. I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again right now

  17. Just because it clicked for you at 28, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t already clicked for her. I’m a woman your age, and I can say that, for me at least, i don’t feel any more mature now than i did 8 years ago… just more broken! I wouldn’t have thought an age gap that small at that age sounds iffy, and I’m the first one to say to characters on TV that one’s too old for the other!

  18. Seriously, block him everywhere. Start with therapy. Stay busy. Focus on your career. Do some nformational interviews and expand your business circle. Is there a position you want to advance, too? Do you need a certificate to get there. Take the training.

    Start some new hobbies. Get out with your friends. Go travel. There are some great tours for women only that you go on safely and explore the world.

    Don't dwell on that loser. Think about what you want in life and what you don't want, the universe manifest s. Just be selective next time. Look out for red flags. If it's not working and don't waste your time. Time is precious. You deserve better.

  19. If different part broke and not the one that you paid to fix before selling the car then there is no reason why should you pay for the fix.

    It was coworkers resposibility to have it checked properly before buying.

    The transaction is done and it sucks for her but it's her car now and her resposibility

  20. Things like bragging, making mildly insensitive comments, general childishness. Nothing major but enough to make me doubt our compatibility.

  21. That's a tough realization, but the first step to fixing a proven is acceptance.

    I've never been in your position so I can't offer any real advice,but I will say this, you can be a good supportive father without being someone's door mat.

    That's a tough position to be in, I really wish you the best.

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