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  1. She wanted me to meet her best friend on Saturday but because it’s someone new to meet I got scared and started saying I don’t want to meet her

  2. You sound like you have some issues with controlling others. What she did wrong isn’t between you and her

  3. Damn read everything in that post i dont think its that comparable since you know we were together for 2 years and lived a chunk together too, and its not like I want anything again with her besides of cleaning up some mess we left behind a year ago. And to be fair i think it would ease my mind and hers to since she avoids our mutual friends she cut off out of fear that they were stalking her and she actively avoids people that used to know her in our city from what she did but in the end I guess if it bothered her so much she would have reached out on her own to try and fix things i will just drop it I guess il just accept I got dealt a bad ending there and if she is satisfied with it so can I be

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