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  1. He's lying because he only wants you to stop.

    Would you feel guilty for taking a long, hot bubble bath?

    Brushing your hair?

    Eating a cupcake?

    Those are all self care and so is masturbation.

    Show him this post.

  2. This is weird. Bc I did this exact thing while he was fake sleeping last night and it turned him on. Why would you playing with yourself be weird? He’s lame.

  3. “and that she thinks I'm a great guy and that she would like a relationship with someone she knew like me, but that she doesn't look at me that way, because I am like a brother to her.”

    Sorry to break it to you, but, you aren't escaping that black hole. The minute someone says that they would want someone “like you”, they mean, not you.

  4. Girl………

    There are a lot of options for birth control. Go to the doctor and start exploring your options because if you don't you will be 19 years old with two children. And while I understand that right now it feels workable it gets much harder and financially challenging the older they get.

    Your other option will be an abortion and I'm not judging if you make that choice but, trust me, that is not a position you want to be in if you can avoid it.

  5. Would you rather be happy and alone or unhappy together? He is either cheating on you or wants to open the relationship. It doesn’t sound like he is very nice so perhaps he is just low key bullying you until your self esteem takes a hit and you just agree. Get out girl he’s telling you what he wants which is to be with other woman

  6. You may be a legal adult but Korea is not the place to go. That is a very unstable political area due to North Korea. There are other places to go that are not next door to a nuclear focused despot who starves his people.

  7. Is there a chance she actually wants to get pregnant? Because in hindsight working around her cycle it is very surprising you've made it this far without a pregnancy scare or two, because cycles change, bodies change, hormones change… What is so wrong with condoms anyway? Even if she swears she's fine, no risk of pregnancy, why not wrap it up as a safety measure anyway? She's so set against it makes me think she's planning something, and I don't want to be someone who speculates like that and potentially makes you paranoid, but in this day and age there's really no excuse for not having the most basic form of birth control in a condom, which dude, you should've known better for when you started having sex with her. Do not have sex with her again. “My body my right” applies to men too.

  8. The bad times were my fault, so I wouldn't say he's a fuck head. I'm trying to see his side in this as well, but I honestly can't because I can't bring myself to leave her with a family member and not have her next to me everyday. I want to think of what's best for her as she'll be home alone all day if me and him breakup, so she'll be better off with a family member that is home all day and look after her. I know she'll probably be sad if I leave her, I would be sad if we broke up, I would be sad if I had to give her away, so it's difficult for me to choose. I know it sounds selfish and that dogs are here for a short while in our lives, so I should be concerned about her wellbeing everyday and this shouldn't even be a concern as I should choose her.

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