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  1. You can't. You can only control your emotions and behaviors. But they also play the victim to get a reaction out of you, to manipulate you and a way to control you.

    If they play the victim, they use that to make you feel guilt and use that enabling behavior to not take accountability or responsibility for what ever they did. That way, if you feel bad about something they did and you give them empathy to “forgive” them, they don't have consequences to what ever they did.

    These people have used the “victim” card and know how to use it to their advantage.

    ” OH, I screwed up but if I play the victim and make them think they hurt me, I can get out of what ever might happen instead of being accountable for the mistakes I made. I am never wrong, your wrong for making me be responsible for myself and the crap I do”.

    This is how they think and actually believe.

    Don't allow them to use this sick manipulation to get out of responsibility for qhat ever they did, don't try and “save them” and don't let them guilt trip you into thinking your wrong for feeling the way you do.

    Your not the 1st and you won't be the last, they have played the victim their whole life and will never stop even when there are consequences to their actions.

  2. Meeting friends for dinner & meeting a friend at sundown on a beach are two completely different things. The second one is not a appropriate setting to be meeting a supposed friend.

  3. You have to make up your own mind. I’m 54, married for 25+ years with two kids, and a bunch of other things. My wife has been dependable the whole time (afaik). My perspective is going to be a lot different than yours.

    I was commenting more on why I think the therapist has a point. She’s far from the only therapist to hold this view as you may know. And I would question that the therapist would give such direct advice. A good therapist would have had a conversation, offering up different sides and perspectives, but would leave the decision to the client. I think your gf made the decision to net tell you.

    You can’t know she’s telling the truth. It’s impossible to prove. That’s why we trust, because we can’t know. And she shattered yours. Really sorry for you.

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  5. Block, do not feed into it. Work on yourself before starting another relationship. Never change who you are and what you love for someone else and most importantly don't allow someone else to control nor dictate to put their needs before yours.

  6. I don’t know how many ways she can tell you she’s not attracted to you sexually. It’s on you to end the relationship.

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