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Date: September 25, 2022

13 thoughts on “Goddesscharliedollie live webcams for YOU!

  1. You know what

    Fuck everyone here

    Go, go for it, go rock up at your ex's door and let him say all the things you want to hear and let him in completely into your life

    Fuck your husband what does he know, this other guy was the love of your life! What if it's still true! How dare the husband get in the way of your happiness with this other guy? Girl power!

    Fuckin idiot

  2. Precum often contains viable sperm so whether he finishes inside her is pretty irrelevant, tbh. Definitely wear a condom. The implant is more reliable than most methods but it can still fail

  3. Ask them if they'd have preferred you to have hit her back & break her nose too. You could have easily done so & you didn't. They should recognise the respect you have for your girlfriend. I'm sure there are a number of men who'd have reacted badly in your position.

  4. You feel like shit today, but you know you'll alright later … imagine how infinitely worse you'd feel if you didn't walk away now.

  5. No, it is not.

    He knew EXACTLY, what he was doing.

    He used you. And his dating ap notifications showed that he doesn't give a dam about you. Or how you feel.

    Be off. Block him. Really do.

  6. If op is in the US he can fire anybody for any reason at all, unless there's undeniable proof that it's because of a protected discrimination class.

    The closest is gender and it would be extremely hard for Marcy to proof she was fired for gender alone, unless she was newly pregnant or something.

    Fucked up but not illegal, be careful with the misinformation

  7. My mom was very much like this. So was my dad, but not as badly. I’m very familiar with it and I do understand the severity which is why I’m dying on this hill tonight.

    “Moving the goal posts” is a perfect wya to describe pretty much every argument. When we resolve a dispute, it’s never us actually resolving the dispute, only resolving what the dispute was turned into.

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