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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. And OP needs to stop catering to others to the nth degree. My goodness- she checked in with fiancé every 10-15 mins? And she was texting her friend while the funeral was going on? Why? Why didn’t she stop and focus on just herself? Her family? Her friend could’ve waited. Her fiancé could’ve waited.

    And it’s like she immediately accepts that everyone else’s way is the right way. BF’s religiosity doesn’t give him authority over proper “funeraling”. That’s just stupid. But I think OP believes it does. Because there is no right way to grieve. OP seems like a very nervous nelly. Someone who is awfully eager to please and be in everyone’s good graces.

  2. I was thinking this as well. OP did she do any of these things or display this type of behavior before getting pregnant?

  3. But he's still saying that she is his life partner,. He knew full well that her vision of a life partner involved a marriage. He wants to have his cake and eat it too

  4. we have talked about it, recently actually and i think that’s why i’m bugging, but he said that he has always had a girlfriend and always felt held down and ended up resenting them for that which ultimately led to break ups. he said he does not want that with me, and we’ve agreed to ‘slow burn’ and see where life takes us sort of thing. he’s about to graduate college and he did say he would consider long distance if he did move away. i want a relationship with him, however i do see his side completely, but i also feel like i need just a little bit more. last week we went on vacation and we haven’t really hungout since then and i think that’s why i’m scared. (sorry this is so long)

  5. “So what do you want to do about the fact you're convinced I'm cheating on you? Where is this going? Do you want to get a divorce, which would be ridiculous? Do you want to spend the rest of your life angry and stalking me for evidence of something that doesn't exist? Where are we going from here, because I'm not just going to sit around forever with a wife who hates me for no reason.”

  6. Well, good for you for not sleeping with him anymore. He's truly a roommate now, a bad roommate, and you should start treating him as such.

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