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  1. We already have 8 billion people in this world. We do not want to deal with more overpopulation problems. We are already dealing with enough.

  2. Thank you for replying! I agree, I think he saw proposing as a way to make sure I stayed with him and stayed loyal but the thing is I’m ready to get married and he’s the one who isn’t anymore. We had discussed getting married when we decided to be in a serious relationship, and we both were on the same page at that time. a year later I feel our life views are different, proposing WAS his idea originally but I’ve just seen it as a jail sentence where I’m only with him but he never intended on getting married any time soon.

  3. If I were her, I’d have broken up with you already. Why are you wasting her time like this? Grow up man.

  4. I mean, yeah you make it seem like he's a piece of shit, and maybe he is. He should help around the house more, since you out earn him.

    That aside, men don't give a fuck about a wedding. That's a YOU WANT, not a him want. Weddings are nothing to/for men. They're all about a woman's fantasy or whatever.

  5. I do t think that you’re communicating what you think you’re saying.

    What does a trip to Paris with two women have to do with a wedding that he doesn’t want to go to?

    And does he travel often? What kind of person goes to Paris on a whim with two women while his gf stays home, but won’t go to one four hour event where everyone is typically thrilled to be there, and tanked, besides?

  6. Benji, in a weird way, saved you from being married to that awful human for longer than two years. Who the fuck gives away someone else's cat?!?

  7. I don't have the skills because you know me?

    The best part is I do have the skills and I am the dude your wife cheats on you with because you turned into a flabby, weak little wimp who doesn't know the first thing about maintaining a household, fixing things or raising men.

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