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  1. Often I need time to think about if I can / should move forward with the relationship. I’d rather take time and make a purposeful decision. I don’t want to make a life altering decision based on hurt or anger.

    I find conversations are more productive if both parties have taken a few hours to independently consider their positions and come back to discuss when emotions have calmed down.

  2. Huh. Gonna be honest, he must be watching different porn lol. I would definitely talk to him about it. Maybe if he can only last five minutes try doing some foreplay or you start by yourself and when you read well on the path get him to tag in? He probably would like to watch. Sorry but given how little I know about you, your husband, and the situation this is as specific as my advice can be. There are also sex therapists so that might be something to try if nothing else works.

  3. You used a lot of unnecessary punctuations, periods, and capital letters to ask if we trust eachother and have an end goal.

    I mean we’re early 20’s, we’re trying to have a happy life. Is that an end goal? I’m terms of trust, it’s been damaged and is in the process of repair.

  4. You want to save a relationship in wich you are threatened woth her sleeping with her ex?!

    You guys have different plans for life, she clearly wants to be that stay at home mom, but she doesn't even want it with you specifically.

    This is not going to work out, sorry.

  5. Stop gatekeeping humans!

    If two people don't work out and two different people do, let it be. The only time it should really matter is if the relationship was abusive and/or unsafe. Otherwise, some people mesh and some people don't and the awkwardness of an ex dating/sleeping with someone you know is TEMPORARY, but they could have a successful relationship, let them.

  6. Consider this: Assuming you have lovebirds and they’re on the young side, you’re looking at a good 15 years of companionship with two highly intelligent and funny little creatures who adore you, even though there will be times they drive you nuts.

    Contrast that with a boyfriend who would make you give up those little creatures because he hates pets, and who you’ve made posts about before asking if he might be narcissistic. Can you see yourself spending over 15 years happy with him? Like really, genuinely, no “if he just stops doing this or starts doing this other thing I’ll be happy,” can you see giving up 15 years with your birds for 15 years with your boyfriend as being worth it?

    If the answer to that second question is “yes it will be totally worth it, I will be happy with him even if he never changes from how he is now” then go ahead and pick the boyfriend. But I personally would take the birds.

  7. She HATES the furry jokes too but I almost agree with you.

    Ive tried explaining to her but that’s usually when she’s acting like a cat. I should probably try and do it in the windows she’s not acting like that. We just moved in together which makes this more difficult to navigate

  8. But if it was all before I met my bf, then it shouldn’t really matter, right?

    I’ve not been with anyone else since we started dating.

  9. While I agree with your 2nd sentence, I don't see how that relates to the first. It just seems like he doesn't know how the world works.

  10. Same! Our “stepdad” molested my older “sister” (they’re in quotes because it’s a long story). She was the golden child, but I wasn’t mistreated, per se just never as important-she also had chronic and serious illness so she got most of the attention from the illness and also from being molested (I know that sounds fucked up, but it created a “bond” between them, I didn’t know what it was or why so I was jealous). He was also a narcissistic sociopath and literally one of the very few truly evil people I’ve ever encountered.

    So, yeah. It really fucks you up even when you aren’t the one being molested. My sister also died a few years ago. She got hooked on pain meds then graduated to street drugs. She never got proper mental health treatment from the trauma. Then she was jealous of me too because I wasn’t molested and from the outside it looks like escaped unscathed which I did not. I just learned that whatever I had going on wasn’t important and to essentially block out feelings while throwing myself into school and cosplaying as a Huxtable.

    All that to say, hugs to you. You are not alone.

  11. The problem is, i believe it is healthy for a man to have that mode to only ever be used at a time where defence is needed like this. Or on a national scale (lets say Ukraine war of defence etc…).

    Abusers and criminals are men who are broken in that this side of them comes out unjustly for totally ridiculously small reasons, or they have no control at all.

    A good man can still be violent but only ever for the right reasons and when provoked.

    It’s hard to understand this point of view if you are a pacifist yourself though.

  12. I found the post about half a year ago and I'm 100% sure it's him and that the post is about me (and if it's not me he had another girl beside me, which I don't think).

    No, not really, it's mostly the post. He once told me that he likes skinny girls who do sports a lot (before I started doing sports and lost weight) which also hurt me, but besides that I never had the feeling that I'm not good enough.

  13. Cheating usually means having an affair.

    But since I've seen watching porn and some guy chatting with an ai qualified as cheating, nothing will surprise me anymore. Maybe drinking coffee is also cheating.

  14. So I totally get why you told her and I certainly don't think you did the wrong thing here. I think particularly the part about Jake saying Jess was a dead sibling, and hoping to have a full life that involves you, but also his wife, where this big lie is looming. This was likely to come out, and even if it didn't, it would be because you agreed to participate in a lie and you should never have to do that.

    On the other hand, you saying you “desperately” want a relationship with him strikes me as a little off, because you had to see what would happen with you telling Sadie. Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't have told her, but playing this out in your head, how did you see this going? Did you think Jake would thank you for it?

    I get telling Sadie. But telling Jake he had two weeks “or else” and then not really following up with Jake to dig into the issue more, or letting him know you were not bluffing and about to go tell Sadie demonstrates to me, that you valued the truth over your relationship with Jake. That's totally fine, but you aren't now a victim of Jake being mad.

    He was telling big lies, and also being trans is a big deal. The world right now is very hostile, the world has always been hostile, and telling a partner you are trans is huge and history shows, typically it doesn't go well. To lead with kindness and compassion for someone you say is very important would have involved many, many attempts with Jake to get him to tell Sadie and to sit with him and delve in to his fears and ways forward to the truth. Again, I think you still end up in the same place- telling Sadie if Jake won't- is the right decision, but I don't think you went through all the motions you should have, if you wanted to even attempt at keeping Jake in your life.

  15. Yep 1000% he’s using her vs actually parenting. She needs to go off to college, get a job and live her life as far away from them as possible.

  16. So you’d willingly support the relationship of your best friend if you knew the person they were dating was not treating them right and treating them with disrespect and seemed to be afraid and/or shamed to be in public with them in their current town?

    And yes, I am prepared for that

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