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  1. It wasn’t an accident. I’m sorry. And ask yourself why could he have sex with her, but have problems with you in bed? And being drunk isn’t an excuse, he wanted to cheat.

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  3. That's a good point, it would be just as awkward(probably more so) with a straight couple where a guy jokes about railing their daughter.

  4. The only way to get to a situation where there is a resolution is to talk about it like adults. You are both in your 20s, you can handle it, just stick to the facts. Try “I'm sorry I have to bring this up, but I'm worried about your health. When you are asleep you pass gas and it is really bad, often waking me up. Could you get it checked out, or watch the foods you eat right before bed? Maybe try Beano with your meals.”. Also I've heard there are underwear called 'shreddies' or something that have activated carbon in them to cut the stench.

    You lock your bedroom door at night??? Inside your apartment?

  5. If that's the case you might be okay. I inferred from your story she was dug in. I wish you the best!

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