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  1. Why is that “unhygienic”? It’s in a bag, and presumably not from part of the animal that was soiled. Idk, I like taxidermy and oddities so freaking out over keepsakes of a lost pet seems incredibly dramatic to me.

  2. B. Fuck the fruit. Literally no one in the store cares if it isn’t a small business. (If it’s a small business, absolutely go back.)

  3. I have a friend who was married to this exact description. It didn't get better until she left. He just treated her more and more like chattel.

  4. Im not sure why you’re being so defensive. It sounds like he’s committing to making sure you’re ready before penetrating you. This is a good thing. Why are you making it into a bad thing?

    Arousal changes as we age. It takes a little longer to get wet at 30 than it does when you’re 22 and ready to go at the drop of a hat. It’s the same way for men: getting older means sometimes it takes a little warming up unlike when you’re young and have an instant rock hard boner at the brush of a finger. There’s nothing wrong with the way your body is changing.

    You need to examine why you’re being so defensive when your husband is genuinely trying to make a positive change. He didn’t imply that there’s anything wrong with you. You’re just interpreting it that way.

  5. He’s told you how it is. Move on. Your child deserves someone in their life who wants to be there. Put your child first next time.

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