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  1. I guess my honest answer is, does it matter? If he’s supporting you and giving you space, you have the freedom and ability to handle this how you want, and seemingly you have the choices available to do that without breaking his heart. He’s probably guarding his feelings right now because he’s not sure what you will do, and likely wouldn’t be that hurt if you went back – so honestly this is an ideal situation for you with little pressure.

    Take things at your own pace and do what you really want. Yes, he likes you, but that doesn’t have to destroy your friendship if you don’t want it to.

  2. Well first tell your sister to never do that shit again. You can absolutely ruin relationships with loyal men bc they wont put up with bullshit “tests”.

    As for your bf? Id 1) explain to him you never asked her to do that and youve told her off for it And 2) ask him how he knew it was a fake acct. If what he says makes sense, id believe him.

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