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Date: September 23, 2022

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  2. Call it quits.

    He’s clearly the issue here. You say it took 11 years to get him into counseling. It sounds likes he’s gaslighting you and making you believe that you’re always the problem. And then when you call him out on it, he storms out of the car like a toddler.

  3. My ex tried having a timeline plan but her plan was I work, work more get a second job to work even more and possibly a third job to support her make-up career, support kids and I buy a house that has both our names on it even though she wouldn't contribute anything towards it. We had been dating for 8 months and it was pretty much hell so hopefully your gf doesn't turn out like that

  4. So no advice but a different perspective. My husband (dated for 6y, married for ~1y) cuts his own hair and HATES when I’m even in the room. He doesn’t like when I’m watching (or not watching but only in the same room) him get ready to go anywhere other than work. It’s weird but everyone has their weird things!

    It seems like that’s his “guy time” or whatever. I think you just need to respect his boundaries.

  5. I have worked as an event planner. You have to send out confirmations and reminders OFTEN to make an event come off smoothly.

    ” To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

  6. Can you say condescending…I would say that is part of his personality, at least around you….Take your stuff to friends and family…

  7. And OP's BF is being ridiculous in not setting firm enough boundaries. Embarrassing the stalker might just be tactic to defuse her.

    OP and her BF could go LC for a while with the collective group. If asked why they aren't joining, they can be honest about Karla, the psychopath.

  8. It's not the only reaction now you're cut off, it was the reason you're cut off. Wasting their time and money on legal fees for a case you can't win will never work either

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