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  1. The person looking for a FWB relationship and fucking on the first date is appalled by this guy asking her to throw his t shirt in with the whites…

  2. You do you. You know how to do your things so you'll come across natural. Remember, you started vibing before you knew. When you were being you.

  3. That’s a horrible thing to say! 5 inches is plenty to the majority of women – tell her she’s got a bucket biff…

  4. This. I’d get out before it gets messier. Talk to the people that really care about you and build up the courage to leave. You’re still young, don’t waste your time being unhappy nor waste it feeling guilty for someone, who in my opinion, doesn’t respect you.

  5. This is sooo crazy.

    I'm not part of this mixed family but I have friends who are.

    They all get along with the ex-wives or the future wives (depending on situation), since kids are involved.

    Some of them even become so close that they text daily and updating each other on the kids. Like my friend Shandy, she is so close to her ex's wife. They call and text almost daily. They're close due to the kids, but yeah, they become good friends too. She actually rarely talks to her ex lol (unless it's really need), but she gets along great with his wife.

    Is it possible for your current wife to befriend your ex, so that she feels less insecure?

    I mean, you have 3 kids with your ex, right? You're going to be linked to her forever, your new wife should realize this…how long ago did you remarry?

  6. Maybe you should spend more time focusing on learning in collEge than trying to ask out your professor.

    Professors can't date students. Are you really so ignorant as to not know that?

  7. Ha ha ha. This is textbook gaslighting. He's trying to make you believe that his cheating behavior is normal. He is making this $hit up as he goes along. Time to let him have his not-platonic relationship and move on.

  8. He is not straight so you can stop saying that. He cheated and probably multiple times. Dump him. You can’t babysit him 24/7 and you can’t trust him either.

  9. I know a couple who went through all the rounds of IVF that they were allowed to get (not in the US), and while she did get a positive pregnancy test a couple of times it never lasted more than a few weeks at the most before she sadly miscarried.

    They ended up adoption a sweet baby boy and they're a very happy little family.

    But the most important thing is that she was 100% the one to make the decision to start IVF and to continue. He was ready to adopt from the beginning but just wanted to support her no matter what she decided. Because he understood the hardship she was facing.

    OP's husband needs to, at the very least, get some help to work out why his mental health will suffer if his wife doesn't produce a baby, and why he doesn't seem to care about the mental wellbeing of his own wife.

  10. thank you for this, what a humble reminder / nice thing to say. i hope we get past this for sure. and as time goes on i hope his attitude changes but also his perspective on the fact that he will be free from all the stress

  11. I agree with everyone in that the girlfriend needs to get over her fixation in the only tried-and-true way, which is to avoid contact with OP's BF and not receive info about him.

    I wonder though, if it is sufficiently honest if the OP were to tell her BF that the bestie is feeling triggered around them, she really wants a BF of her own, and is taking time to herself to get over these triggering mentations.

  12. Thirdly, if you are the recipient of these questions – nothing good comes of answering them.

    Who the hell answers a question like that honestly anyway?

    Like the “number of partners” one, you're honest there, because they could wind up meeting more than yous aid, and know you lied.

    “Who made you cum the most” or “Who gave the best head?” or “Who was best in bed?” is a ridiculous question, and should be answered with, “Of course, you baby!” You'll never know about this little white lie anyway.

  13. You don't expect her to be a housewife then you don't get housewife privileges…like offloading all of the housework and cooking responsibilities!!!

  14. It'll grow back

    “another part of me understands that we all have preferences for our partners appearance.”

    This. Your appearance and your personality are a package deal and if you change one suddenly you have to accept that your partner can just 'nope' out of your life.

    There was a post yesterday or the day before from a young woman who came home with a septum piercing to the utter horror of her husband who hated it.

    We all have a right to how we wish to present ourselves: our dress, our accessorisations and body modifications, however we need to accept that when we're in a relationship we have to cede some sovereignty to our partners and at least agree to run dramatic changes past our SOs. What would you have done if you'd called her up and said 'I'm getting my hair shaved off' and she'd said 'No, don't. I'll hate it'?

    You have a right to short hair but she has a right to dump you for it.

    It'll grow back.

  15. You knew she wanted to leave so you go and get a job that is now going to end the relationship? Happy you found a job you love but now you gotta decide gf or job.

  16. A red flag to me is an indication that the person has issues that will likely be a major problem later. This is already a major problem. So, no, it's not a red flag. It's physical violence. Do not minimize it. Don't see this person again.

  17. Well, I’m not single and you are so…I guess I’m doing something right. ?‍♀️ My partner understands that when I’m away working, I’m busy. And when he’s gone like now with the boys up at our cabin, I don’t expect him to be checking in either. He’ll let me know when he’s on the road home or if there’s an issue. We both have secure attachment styles though and I recognize that wouldn’t work for everyone.

    Like I said, you get to feel how you feel but your behavior is really bizarre and immature to me. Sending a bunch of crazy messages and then blocking him just sounds like something one of my step kids would have done when they were 14.

  18. Does he like all pics or just the bikini ones? If it’s all of them I’d say that’s normal tbh?

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