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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. If you want a baby in your future and you’ve had fertility issues.. it doesn’t get better after 32. Don’t abort it because of his issues. I don’t know where you live but in most places there are a lot of options for single parents, look at those thoroughly before you make a decision that could break you.

  2. Do your parents know that your husband is the one who initiated the separation and immediately slept with a mutual friend? What would their opinion be if he got that mutual “friend” pregnant?

    Do you have a support system of other friends & family in case your parents decide to disown you (and their grandchild)?

    Whether you decide to keep it or not, I don't see how your marriage can be saved. What if you abort, try to mend things with your husband, and then come to resent him for losing this chance at a child?

    I'm really sorry OP, this is a rough spot to be in.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair that you asked him about it when the only reason you found his account is because you were on the app too (meaning you have your own account. Doesn’t matter if you passively scroll, not everyone is going to get that). Sure you have a strong connection but is it really? It’s only been two weeks and have y’all discussed exclusivity? Probably not…since it’s only been two weeks. You don’t want to push on the gas.

  4. What’s missing is informed consent.

    CONSENT is a Voluntary Agreement made without Coercion, & with Capacity, Full-Knowledge, Understanding, & Autonomy.

    What was missing was full knowledge, and understanding.

    Trust exercises, in my experience, always start with full knowledge of the details of the exercise, they do not make someone wonder “wtf is going on?”.

    So by definition this was not a consensual act, and could be considered a form of abuse. At minimum, manipulation.

    Also, tying someone up with duct tape is a horrible, painful thing to do. Especially across the eyes (!!!) and mouth (!). You will hurt them in a bad way. Don’t ever do this. Ever.

  5. Thanks. Doing the usual: focusing on myself, my job, my growth. There has to be a good and faithful one for me out there. Tho I am beginning to lose hope…

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