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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Get over it dude. You dont own them and there is no betrayal you literally have a girlfriend of 3 years.

    I'm now in the best, most healthy relationship I've ever been in. I've been with my current girlfriend for about three years now, we live together, we have a dog and a cat, and we plan to marry and start a family within the next five years. I am beyond content in this relationship, I've never met anyone I feel so safe and compatible with. I'm also cognizant of the fact I wouldn't have achieved this without going to therapy and learning from my mistakes with Violet.

    Either youre over violet or youre not and this post seems that you arent. Figure out yourself. I bet you a dollar if your current girlfriend read this post the last thing youd be worrying about is graham and violet. This post is a red flag.

    Just be real, in the end who cares? Dont let it bother you.

  2. You say innocent, I can see it’s not, his wife can see it’s not, y are you even here if you don’t see it

  3. Idk…. Just tell your parents you want to tell them you’re dating him and you feel you two are serious enough that you want them to know and just don’t say when you started dating

  4. You would rather divorce your wife instead of making a few changes and putting forth the effort into saving it! I feel for your wife, she told you that she's being neglected but you don't care you don't want to fix things because you have a new p*ssy you want to see. Divorce your wife and let her find a real man to love her WANT to have sex with her and make her feel like a million bucks! Sorry but you are a pathetic excuse of a man who is already cheating emotionally and probably physically to an extent and you have wasted your wife's life for 17 years. Absolutely pathetic

  5. I understand. I've had that happen before and at first it hurt my feelings but then I was like fk that. I was a great friend. Anytime she needed me I found a way to be there for her. So in turn i became thankful that I didn't waste anymore of my love on someone who didn't appreciate it. Your ex friend has some things to work out within herself and until she handled that, she wasn't going to be a good friend to you anyway. Because if there was an actual problem she could've easily just said so and I'm sure she's aware of that.

  6. Like you said: she lied to you for 14 years, why did she come clean to you now? Does she have more skeletons in the closet?

    Visit a lawyer and find out what your options are.

    What hurt me the most is, during that period she is MADLY IN LOVE with me, she apparently are trying another relationship and had sex with other men. Even taking a bus 300km to my city, just to meet her boyfriend and to have sex, twice in a month. While I have to drive to her, and care for all her needs and monetary requirements.

    Well, she was madly in love but she had to be absolutely sure you were THE ONE. And everyone knows there is only one way to find out. She had to fuck someone else to be sure. Twice. You're the winner! You lucky bastard!

    I'm sorry OP, it reads like she undertook a lot of effort in her other relationship while she expected you to do all the work in the relationship she had with you.

    I would be out.

  7. Why the hell is she hanging out right next to him then? If she’s not completely grossed out by him then something is seriously off.

  8. This guy sounds gross. As a 32 year old woman I can see why he's dating someone so much younger because there is no way in hell I'd put up with that shit hole or the asshole that lives in it.

    He will likely never change. Especially when he has you to care for his house that's falling apart and making him chicken nuggies like his mommy used to.

    Move out, tell him to either come with you or not but you can't stand to live like a squatter anymore

  9. I fully believe that communication is the key to a strong relationship, and you're doing well on your end for that. But, as a person who has an extremely hard time expressing emotions myself, he needs a workaround that he is comfortable with to be able to express himself.

    My idea is something that would work for me if I were him. But I can't say how he will respond.

    Here's my idea, explain to him that you understand he may not be comfortable expressing himself, and you want to try a purely logical approach to communicating.

    Now, write down what you're feeling in a non aggressive way. Ask him to provide a solution for each specific issue. An action either he, or both of you together, can take.

    Then, ask him to write his feelings and concerns as well. And you do the same.

    See how it works. 🙂

  10. Maybe you're just not funny? Is it nice to say? No. But not everyone is funny. Them joking at the expense of others is pretty lame as well.

  11. This is emotional abuse. Full stop. Especially since you've said you talk about it weekly.

    If you were a woman, half of this comment section would be telling you that he's cheating and that's his guilt talking or you need to divorce.

  12. I mean same as my earlier comment but add do it for the kids. There’s nothing else to say. You feeling nervous and scared is absolutely valid. But at the same time this conversation is inevitable.

  13. putting 'father unknown' on the certificate

    “decline to state”? Is that even an allowed option in the UK?

    I mean if (hypothetical), a woman got pregnant from a rape … what are her options on the birth certificate? And even when she knows the identity of the rapist.

  14. OP, if she was naked with her mother in bed, it's likely that her mother was at best complicit, at worst an active groomer.

    This is very, very wrong.

  15. I expected as much, she will come clean if it brings fewer negative consequences to her. Counselling was out of the question as she wasn't going to open up there either, and the counsellor would easily point it out.

  16. Thank you. After all the wonderful messages I got on here, and speaking with my partner and some friends, I ended up writing back to Dad, basically saying “I love you, I love the relationship you and Alex have. I like Alex's family, but family isn't a word I'm ready to use yet.”

  17. Retroactive jealousy of this magnitude needs specialised mental health care. You should support your spouse in seeking appropriate professional to deal with her issues, but you don't need to accept abuse because she refuses to treat her condition.

  18. People are looking to meet not a pen pal. I’m very cautious to meet after ending up with a stalker but even I will arrange a safe coffee meet after a couple of weeks

    By only chatting online you never get to know the real person – you don’t want to fall for a fantasy…

  19. This isn't going to work out. Starting already in LDR is rough. You say he is the best thing in your life, but is easy to appear great, when you don't need to put actual effort in. You don't know him, and won't know him unless you live together in real life.

    I think you should seek relationship with someone living closer to you.

  20. Honestly I wouldn’t. If he says hi say hello back and then shashay away. Like if your friendship with him didn’t mean anything then you don’t owe him anything but a hello. Enjoy your friends party and just live your best life ??‍♀️

  21. so he can “experience life while he’s young”

    he is just saying that he doesn’t want to lose me or be without me.

    No, he just wants to be able to do whatever the fuck he wants and still have you around to put his dick in.

    Dump this dude and experience life while you are young OP, I know that's easier said than done… but you will have a better life without his garbage.

    why would he put that at risk for some quick sex?

    He is a 20 year old dude. Someone could probably convince him to stick his dick in a lightbulb socket. ?‍♂️

    OP, if you are not down with opening your relationship for him to do these things… DO NOT compromise yourself in this way for his benefit. It always ends in regret and resentment.

  22. Long before you had any apparent proof your husband was actually cheating on you you started invading the privacy of his phone and continued to do it over and over. Whether he was breaching the trust at that point was not known but you continued to breach his without adequate reason.

    This is not healthy behavior OP. Yes by the end of your post it does look like your husband may be cheating on you but long before that you point you had crossed the line into stalking behavior. I really wonder if what you now see is reflective of reality.

    Either way you need to separate yourself from this relationship and get some counselling to help you move on. No one is worth what this relationship is doing to you.

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