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  1. If you are someone who wants to be married or who wants to build a lifelong relationship then it does not make sense to date him.

    How long have you been together?

  2. Dude you don't need to do it. I get her being disappointed in you saying no (as nobody likes to be told no) but it's your body. I've heard of pegging, but gods all that extra stuff with the fake cum is unheard of to me. Like I'm sure even gay guys can agree that explores new levels of kinkiness we mortals have never seen.

  3. He doesn't get to set boundaries for others. That's something he only gets to do for himself. You can post whatever you want on your social media.

  4. What part of my post made you think that I was holding him accountable of my past ex actions? Because you’re not the first one to tell me this in the comments and it’s starting to be frustrating lol because I don’t feel that’s what I’m doing so I would like to know to either edit that part or delete it ? Just because someone was cheated before doesn’t mean they are being jealous or controlling with their next partners? But they are sure going to be less naive in the future, at least I hope so

    I feel with your answers that I either didn’t express myself clearly if you simply didn’t understand what I was saying. How can him having a social life could be see as a betrayal?

    And if you think any time coming home is a good time coming home, let’s say you had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and they were coming home at 6am, you would be fine with it? No I don’t want to be with a immature child sorry. You can’t be with someone and act as if you were single, I hate that 2022 mentality, then people are wondering why everyone is cheating with everyone and why people are swapping each other so fast and why nothing is deep anymore when people are acting as if nothing was meaningful lol. I don’t want to be with someone who thinks coming home at no hours if responsible

  5. The way she was feeling, she didn't want you while she was giving birth and it would have been too upsetting for her and thereby not good for the baby. Its very important for a mother in labour to not to be more stressed than she already is.

    It sounds like you can't get passed the hurt you experienced, so it's best to end it. Everything she did, is what a pregnant woman who thought her partner had cheated would do. Pregnancy is a very vulnerable time for a woman.

    It's time to try and amicably end things if you can't forgive her. Do so work the knowledge that you will both end up in new relationships and possibly have more children, creating a blended family on both sides and your son will have a stepmum and a stepdad. .as well as half siblings and maybe stepsiblings.

    It can be a bit complex to navigate, but if you can't understand why she did what she did and move on…despite her efforts… then ending it is the best thing to do

  6. Depends. I've had three sections and the last one I got a belly band. I was DREADING the 14 stairs into my living area. The belly band gave me so much support and kept everything from jiggling so that it wasn't really any worse than normal. I 100% recommend belly bands to women who've had c sections. The hospital has them, get a nurse to grab you one.

  7. I replied to another comment with a better explanation of that point. My fault for lack of clarity. When I travel w my gf we go buck wild. So she wants to go buck wild. But when I go with mom it's more toned down. Enjoy the view. So it's kinda hard to enjoy the view when your gf wants to go hardcore and babysitting my drunk gf while I'm trying to chill w my mom isn't fun to do. But when gf and I travel together we have a blast. It's a whole different vibe and she doesn't pick up on those social cues. At the end of the day this trip isn't even about her. It's about bonding with my mom in a way we couldn't when I was a kid. Her showing me things she couldn't when we were young. And that's special.

  8. was in therapy but because I moved to a state that doesn’t have my hospital I had to stop

    Do online counseling instead then.

    . I know we’re young and dumb but I do really love him

    only 7 months in, it's still more infatuation than love, and love is NEVER enough in a relationship.

  9. You're 23. You haven't failed at life. Maybe you have disappointed yourself, but failing at life is not a thing. Life isn't a binary venture of succeeding or failing; it's just life.

    Do you love him, or do you just love the imaginary, more ideal version of him that apparently no longer exists?

    If you have to coerce someone to behave differently, then it isn't likely to be genuine nor is it likely to last.

    I'm afraid I can't contribute to help regarding leaving, but do you have any family or friends that can maybe help you at all?

  10. As you said porn is fantasy. It doesn't state that he would do it irl. I would advise you to make an experiment: find some porn that you would never do irl bit for some reason just turn you on and get off with it, repeat for a few days and then ask yourself if it changed your mind about doing it irl. Probably it didn't changed so why bother that his porn preferences are a bit weird?

  11. To be honest Im changing a bit my opinion knowing that he decided to take it off and that she didnt bring it up but she didnt like that. He absolutely should be held accountable to give money to that child, like you cant just do that and say “well not my problem lets move to another one”, I am a bit angry at the dude (who I dont personally know) for being such an ass. It takes two yes but this only took one person being egoistic enough to do that.

  12. You won't be able to keep this relationship, I give you a 5% chance to make this work.

    You two are too young and uni is a whole other world. She will feel the need to experiment and keeping a long distance relationship at 20 is not realistic.

    I am sorry, but you better start preparing for it. I hope I am wrong.

  13. The bonus is even more than that. Kids these day have it golden! I always regret leaving when I see the bonus bumps but I value my mental health too much to do that again.

  14. Google emotional support skills as that sounds like what you want from her that she’s not doing, though you are doing it for her. And here’s the thing, emotional support is the bread and butter of a healthy relationship as it helps increase empathy, bonding, and trust. So the fact that you’re not getting it is a bit of a red flag especially since you’re doing it for her. And though you could ask her to learn the skill, and it is learnable, usually people who don’t do it already, don’t think it’s needed, and so it’s often a struggle to get them to even consider learning.

    And even if she would be willing to learn, it often takes months if not years and often therapy to learn the skill, and sometimes even then some people just don’t get it. And even if she does get it and learn, you’ll be still giving her way more emotional support in the mean time than you get in return. It’s just not worth it my guy. Let this one go and find one that has emotional support skills already, you’ll be so much happier if you do.

  15. We’ve been on multiple trips the last 3 years that I’ve enjoyed. She has a good career that is financial stable (nursing), comes from a good family and has wants to have a family like I do. I often see her 1-2 times a week typically, but we usually talk daily (these phone calls happen when I’m in the gym or in the shower). I try my best to efficiently multitask but now this stress comment she made has been consuming a lot of my time the past 1-2 hours because it’s hitting me all at once how she was never really stressed about her last job, it’s just working in general.

  16. He doesn’t love her he loves the fantasy of her

    Be glad you found out now when ur 40 and not another 40 years from now when ur 80 u still have time to reset ur life and find someone who actually loves you

  17. I thought it was somewhat implied, but I didn’t bring it up actually so I can see how that’s my fault. He thinks we are too young to make decisions based on each other (which I totally understand) but it’s not like we just started dating… I feel that 3 years is enough time to hope you’ll consider each other in future deciding decisions.

    If this perspective isn’t fair, then okay I get that. I guess that’s just where my head is at so I just want to understand what to do going forward. I’m not happy with distance honestly. I don’t really want to be apart that long

  18. But still, to be in your child’s life for 8 years then decide you’re too young to have a family that you created is so incredibly gross

  19. People really think they can add a full grown German shepherd to their waistline and their partner is supposed to just shut up and pretend they're just as attractive as they used to be…

    There's nothing to do except have a hard conversation and set an expectation and a timeline for leaving the relationship if things don't change. He needs to track and limit his calories and introduce exercise, simple as that.

  20. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My (26F) boyfriend (35M) of 3 months, just informed me he, 2 years ago, slept with a coworker, we work together, she was just freshly 18 years old he was a 33 year old….

    I am very angry and disgusted, he told me he fell for this young girl.

    Why on earth shouldn't I know this beforehand. What kind of 33 year old man falls for a 18 year old

    Donno what to think.

  21. This behaviour is a type of breadcrumbing. You're an attentive, caring partner to him, and he's doing the bare minimum to keep you… and maybe not even that. This doesn't sound like an equal relationship. You're not getting out of it what you're putting in. He's not caring for you in a real way — he may FEEL that he cares for you, but his feelings alone aren't going to help you through tough times.

    This isn't ok, and I doubt he'll change. More likely he'll start gaslighting you into thinking you're needy, and that well he never asks you to do so much for him so it's not his fault you have unrealistic expectations….

    I don't see a resolution to this. You deserve a better relationship.

  22. So, you’re engaged to be married but haven’t discussed what would happen if you fell pregnant yet? OP, you are not ready to be married and your FH will resent you if you terminate – especially if you fully know how excited and ready he is to have kids… is this in r/AITA because YTA. Let him find someone who’s ready, while you find someone who clearly wants to wait.

  23. They are having a relationship with him, although not the greatest. It’s the oldest girls that are helping him. They update him so he can be there for them and he has what he calls a good relationship with them. His ex refuses to allow him to take them place’s except when she needs a last minute sitter. A couple of weeks ago his ex told him that her daughters are pulling away from her and he’s hoping that’s a good sign.

  24. I was sent to Hebrew school, I had a bar mitzvah, abs in an atheist raised by an atheist and a convert.

  25. I will break up with you from 6pm till midnight, maybe later if I get lucky. Remember, it's not cheating!

  26. That's right. She didn't owe me a date and I don't owe her one. There's no resentment, it's just she wants me to take care of her and her kids now. I have to take out of my own kids mouths to do that and it's not fair to them. BUT, like I said, I don't think she's gonna bring much to my home except being a good person. I can find plenty of good people that require less effort.

  27. because she was honest about it, i think its okay. if she hid this from you or lied then i would say it isnt redeemable.

  28. You guys took a break to think about yourselves and your relationship and she chose to spend that time immediately going to fuck someone else. That tells you everything you need to know right there. At the best, you'd be a consolation prize because she decided she can't upgrade the way she wanted. At the worst, you're a fuckboy and she's going to have a side piece waiting for the next break, or just free day.

  29. Wel we have been together for 10 years so she’s never really expressed she doesn’t like the bed made lol. it’s well known I do. If stated otherwise I’d do what makes her happy but she doesn’t have a preference. She knows mine. It just feels like she’s going out of her way to trigger OCD in a bunch of different areas. And when you’re in a relationship/a team your guys problems are eachothers. Financially, emotionally, and physically.

  30. It was 8 years ago. Does time not matter? Why did she marry me? She has a great job and I’ve said I’d be willing to be the ‘stay at home dad’.

  31. I think you need to ask yourself if this is worth either parting ways or staying. As someone who has a septum piercing, I mean obviously not everyone is going to like them, but your current partner does. You have every right to tell her how you feel, but at the end of the day it's her body and she can make the choice just as you can end something over something like this.

    Just don't make it out to be an ultimatum, I'm sure she'll end it right then and there.

    and by tattoo do you mean something small and hidden?

    Partners change over time along with their aesthetics.

    in the end do what you need to do and she will do what she wants to do.

  32. I think ear infections referred to something going on in the inner ear canal. I don’t know what infections of piercings are called. Maybe now we differentiate between outer ear infection and inner ear infection.

  33. You are in an abusive relationship. There is no getting him to understand your side because he doesn't care. You either stay and pit up with it or leave. Counseling isn't even an option because any reputable therapist will not participate in his abuse.

  34. You're scared to make him angry. Why? Just reflect on that question. Like, think about it in the shower. Let it consume you. Why is it all about him?

  35. I have changed it considerably actually. I have been eating healthier and working out consistently, I just haven’t figured out the balance yet.

  36. Yes, do the right thing and tell her. Doesn’t need to be a long conversation but she deserves to know.

  37. You're right, she did. And her employer should not have any issue with her course of action. However, I think it is healthy for OP to adopt the mindset that their actions could have real-world implications. I know that if one of my patients expressed any sort of interest in me beyond the normal scope of my role, that I would be nervous as to how it could be perceived.

  38. Don't worry we already have one. It was more meant in a general sense, if it can go too far even with one.

  39. He didn't have the chance to hook up with her 13 ish months ago? He didn't take any trips in that time frame? I'd be on the safe side and assume everything your husband has told you since he's known her is a lie. Cheater lie about everything.

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