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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. “MIL, your husband almost died and you're still trying to justify your son's actions. What will it take for you to see he is rotten? Literally, what line does he need to cross for you to never see him again? If he had killed your husband, would you still see him? If he tried to kill you, would you still try to justify his actions? These are the questions you need to ask and I don't think you have.”

  2. He’s with you because he loves everything about you. He only wants you! If he didn’t, he would be on the streets like a dog looking for that type of woman.

    He’s found someone he connects with, has a deep bond with, and maybe even true love. Those girls were fun, I’m sure. But you’re more dream girl type, that’s why he wants you.

    I’m sure he’s worried sick that you’ll leave him or change your behavior or yourself completely because of his past. There will always be a better looking girl, but if your dude is with you and loyal to you, that’s all that matters.

  3. This is no different than men who suddenly got red pilled and destroyed their own happiness/relationship.

    Aint that funny how that works? The internet convinces people they have a problem and makes them mad about a problem that they never even had?

    It's time to let her go. That is the only way.

  4. You are not alone. I'm ok with it but my ex haaaaaated morning breath kisses. So what did we do? We would brush our teeth and then return to kiss. It is literally not that hard to brush teeth before kissing so I dunno why he's getting all up in arms about it.

  5. It sounds like you are a place holder. You aren't the main event here. Sounds like he is casually dating and you think this relationship is more than it really is. You need to have a talk with him because I don't know if he is leading you on or if you both are oblivious to the other person's expectations.

    There is nothing wrong with casually dating someone for a long period or having a FWB relationship as long as both parties know that this is what the relationship is. Have you ever discussed anything permanent? Marriage? Kids? You need to find out if this relationship is going anywhere.

  6. Where are you going (not specifics but like how far)and for what period of time? Would you be moving back? Would he move away from that place? What are your longterm goals in life do his match up or at least are close enough to work around. Do you feel the same about money? and kids? and marriage? Just because someone is “perfect” does not mean you will work out. Having very different views of the future that would make you happy can and have wrecked more relationships in the world than yours. You have to sit and think about all of this before you both do this.

  7. Perhaps it would be more productive to focus on the root of the problem – why are some men resorting to drugging women? It's unfair to expect women to give up their freedom to socialize and enjoy themselves because of the actions of dangerous men – and it’s quite rare that you hear women drugging others, it’s usually always men. While I understand your perspective, it's important to address the issue at hand rather than placing the burden on women to avoid risky situations.

  8. She was just 20 when she had you. Apparently the younger the mother, the less likely they are to be affectionate and empathetic to their children. Older mothers are more mature and can relativise better, and they're more likely to have chosen to get pregnant rather than have a contraceptive accident. When you've chosen to get pregnant, you're more likely to make an effort to give your kid a good life.

    My mother was never affectionate and I suffered from that. Nowadays I try not to blame her for the mistakes she made. After all, I know she had a much harder childhood than I did: her parents were very poor, she grew up in slums, and lived through the war in London as a little girl. Her mother died before I was born so I never met her, but I expect she wasn't at all affectionate, and I never saw the slightest sign of affection in my grandfather.

    Virtual hugs for you!

  9. Girl he wants a mom. And a bangmaid. And a therapist. He’s not a good partner, and quite frankly, he sounds like a loser.

  10. You put it rather succinctly

    He’s not a traditional man so why does he want (or think he can have) a traditional woman?

    This red pill stuff has messed up a generation of guys

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