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Date: September 23, 2022

7 thoughts on “kennasavage

  1. This is my thought. As someone who's dealt with insecurities and self esteem, I've brought this stuff up as a way to show my partner that someone is interested, hoping they will agree. Not to make them jealous but as a passive way to say, see someone else thinks I'm pretty, don't you??

    Maybe try to compliment her more often and when she tells you this stuff, confirm it. “Some guy said I look good today” “yeah, you do so I don't blame him, he's got good taste” etc.

  2. People are ascribing good intentions to the parents, but in grieving, there is often a strange hunger to own touch and smell everything that belonged to the deceased. I think you should leave it awhile but point out that the letter is private and addressed to you, and that they should respect the deceased’s wishes. Just a thought:may be they could copy the letter, or- do the police have a copy as evidence?

  3. You’d be surprised at how deeply gender norms etc are ingrained in some people. Transphobia isn’t always on purpose. It’s like racism in that way, the ways you’ve been raised & the society you live in runs deep & you don’t always realize something is bigoted until someone else points it out. There are plenty of examples of that happening even on this very sub.

    But you don’t seem like you actually want that answer, you’re just being indignant on purpose, so I can’t help you, sorry.

  4. Little gifts are innocent. If the dude wipes out a ring after three dates, run lol and no clue what he might want to talk about though

  5. cycle. I kind of do it in order to start a fight sometimes because there is a build up of resentment or something I don’t know.

    alright, well I'm glad, you have some really good introspection skills, that leads me to believe it's not so much you as it is your hindrances, (anxiety etc).

    that doesn't mean you deserve mistreatment, it just means you got some issues to work out of your own, but this guy definitely does as well.

    . I need to grasp the situation as a whole.

    yeah ok, alright, now I feel like an ass cause you seem to have a bit of insight and self reflection, your already walking in the right direction, but honestly, you cant do it from within the relationship, you gotta heal you, you can't do it for both of you.

    and if he is surpassing that line totally unprovoced obviously

    yeah I think, this is mostly irrelevant, you need to get out because you can't in good conscience measure that effectively, and that is a little messy, you gotta be able to be 100% sure what is and what isn't ok, and that's something you gotta do solo.

    , if it’s possible to achieve with this one and if so how. And if it’s not possible, then move on.

    yeah, I think you just needed a bit of a vent and some breathing space and for that I'm sorry for jumping on you, a lotta people come on this subreddit, blinded by their own egos, ready to throw around the latest buzzword and just absolutely shit on their partners without any room for nuance in advice

    I genuinely think, you are in the midst of figuring this out and sorting this out of your own accord, you kinda just needed to put pen to paper and see it laid out before you to really fully grasp the entire situation from an objective veiwpoint.

  6. It’s also just as insane as a grown ass man needing the help of a babysitter to get basic household chores for one flipping person done.

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