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  1. I’ve know many situations now where women have lied about SA. I’m not saying it happens a lot, but it does happen. I personally hate the “listen to the individual” mindset. You need evidence and proof in situations like this. You can’t just say “they raped me” and have absolutely no proof for it. Yes, she could be very traumatized but this is a very serious situation that needs to be dealt with. If the man doesn’t suffer consequences then he may continue this behavior. Or, if she is lying, then rumors could spread and that man could look like a rapist when he is actually innocent. It could ruin his life.

    I made a mistake with not telling anyone and not reporting the crime. Many other women have and now rapists are living their lives guilt and consequence free. If anything, knowing that has brought me more trauma then anything.

    Get a rape kit, report the crime, and then get therapy and self-care. You cannot just say something and expect everyone to believe you with 0 evidence or proof. That’s not how law works and not how the world works.

  2. Girlfriend, what others have said is correct. That relationship is still ongoing.

    If I were you I would terminate the pregnancy and stay far away from him thereafter.

    You will need support after the termination. Do you have ppl around you whom you can rely on?

    Dude is a real classic ass… he doesn't deserve either of you.

  3. They don’t want to know about the kid, just that you have one. It’s a deal breaker for many people who don’t want to date single mothers/fathers. You should absolutely tell someone you are dating that you’re a single parent early so they can decide if it’s ok.

  4. Thats irrelevant. Military life is extremely structured and disciplined, like this person said. Its a huge change to go from that, to normal life.

  5. Agreed. Hicky's are whatever. But like we've been talking for weeks and she already asked me out on a second date. I was just confused like why show up with one. It's pretty obvious.

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