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  1. This is horribly disrespectful. I think I would have stopped her at “doesn't want to be in a relationship with me”

  2. I’m not sure what exactly he’s trying to achieve, but you need to completely cut contact and block him from contacting you. This is not healthy at all. He is absolutely not worth your time or energy any longer. He’s not respecting you and it seems like he’s playing mind games with you. He might even have another girl and he keeps stringing you along in case the other one doesn’t work out. You deserve better. It’s totally reasonable to back out and move on.

  3. It's been 17 years, the time isn't ever going to be right while you can safely bare those children yourself. At this point live your life with your husband as is or leave and find someone you can have a family with.

    By the time he's ready (if he's ever ready) you could be well past childbearing years and he may not think a donor and surrogate situation is enough and leave anyway.

  4. This whole thread is a shit show. I just asked my husband what he would think about my best friend buying me a car and he was “great! We have a new car!” And then added that if the husband is feeling like that it's because he thinks she is cheating on him or something.

    The gift of the car didn't CREATE a problem, the problem of the husband's suspicion was probably already there before the gift.

  5. this isn't a planned strike that has aims and requirements. I sincerely feel terrible enough that I don't feel comfortable having sex. I am not withholding, I am not interested in sex when I feel no sense of desire. there is not a need for constant validation. if you felt invisible to your partner until they wanted to fuck you, would you just lay down and spread your legs to eke out some validation?

  6. I am not afraid of being punched. I am afraid of Nazis believing nobody will fight them. My family has been fighting Nazis since 1939, I have no intention of ending that tradition, and if that's how I die, I am honored that my life would mean something.

  7. So he's also gaslighting you?

    As hard as this new chapter will be better for you and your child, you deserve better than an absent partner, especially when you needed it the most.

  8. Forget how everyone one else tells you about what is normal to them. Because that chnaged for everyone because we all have different boundaries. So how do YOU feel about it? Would you like it to stop? Express any feelings about this to him? I’m just saying don’t let people dictate how you feel about your own relationship.

  9. If you didn’t make it clear that you want to go just the two of you, she’ll assume it’s with the friend group, especially if y’all do things like this together all the time. Better to be straightforward, no confusion, if you want a straight answer.

  10. So your wife has had a number of major health issues and needs extra sleep, and you're shitting on her for not being, “house proud,” while she's trying to adjust to hormonal changes, pain management, and resting to heal her body and mind? Yikes. I feel sorry for your wife.

  11. If you didn’t make it clear that you want to go just the two of you, she’ll assume it’s with the friend group, especially if y’all do things like this together all the time. Better to be straightforward, no confusion, if you want a straight answer.

  12. When you curl up in bed with someone and you're lying on your side slotted into each other that's called spooning, and the big spoon is the person with theru front pressed against the other person's back.

    But I think in this case OPs wife meant in her fantasy he's the top and John is the bottom.

  13. How ridiculous of the bf. He is trying to get her to change who she is because HE has a problem.

    Op, you dump the bf to solve his problem.

    Unless you’ve lost something in translating.. I dunno I don’t speak AH.

  14. you met her once in a situation meant to help him and ended up going on a date with her, come on man. you simply could’ve just ✨not✨. you’re an asshole.

  15. Sort of both? I worry that if I tell her I don’t want to hear about this, I won’t hear about her dating life in general. Perhaps a silly thing to worry about

  16. Sounds like its done. You seem like you're always gonna have that voice in the back of your head telling you more happened than what she claimed and that will only grow into resentment as it already has in the form of asking her over and over again what happened. I don't blame you, its a terrible spot to be in but it also sounds like she was sexually assaulted and is probably more broken up about it then she shows. Atleast thats what it sounds like with the info provided.

  17. I’d definitely like more clarity on the education bit. That could mean anything from wanting someone to expand their worldview to perhaps develop a bit more empathy, to thinking he’s just a dummy for not having a piece of paper. It’s a broad scope. I also have a bit of empathy for her.

    My family is mostly made up of caring, good individuals. Some of whom unfortunately racist af views to people darker than us (we aren’t even white). I’m wondering if some of the people calling her an intolerant snob even have any idea how frustrating it is hearing people you love say gross racist shit all the time.

  18. If this is a new trend and he suddenly got more insulting, it might be some kind of growing resentment. Possible seeing people he's attracted to but can't persue because of the relationship.

    If he's always been like this, well… It's a form of manipulation, wear down your self esteem so that you grow insecure and depend on him. Lots of people who do this do so subconsciously.

    It's also entirely possible that he's just massively insensitive and doesn't realise that his brutal “honesty” is hurtful.

    Definitely call him out on it. He should be conscious of your feelings. Part of his responsibility in this relationship is to build you up and show you how great you are. Good luck OP.

  19. This is called dating. You can’t predict the future because it’s all a giant risk. You need to ask yourself two questions. Is he worth the risk and do you trust him? If the answer is yes to both, you gotta take his word at face value and live your life without regrets. Eventually we make people sad or vice versa, it’s going to happen. Everything will be ok for you or that person no matter what I promise.

  20. Uh. Deeply alarming. Beyond scary to read this. Ya'll need. Some serious help. This isn't normal or okay in any way shape or form, man. Talk to someone you trust about this. A therapist, parents, whoever you think can help you sincerely because. None of what I just read is safe or sane.

  21. But what should she have done? seriously everyone here saying stuff like this but … the courts decided he is fit to be father because he didn't abuse the child. so should she get traumatised again and harassed by a lot of people … what is your solution?

  22. Hi, Disney adult here. If I was your girlfriend and saw the things you’ve said in this post, I’d dump your ass so fast.

    It’s a thing that makes her happy. It’s okay if you don’t get it, but you’re being a judgy jerk about it.

  23. Why does he have to be touching the dog while the two of you are getting busy? That’s completely vile and perverse. Most people don’t even want their pets in the room while they’re doing anything remotely sexual. But he’s apparently trying to incorporate his dog into the action. Gross. I’d get out before he breaks out the peanut butter.

  24. I believe you. I'm just guessing that, at this point, she may not believe anything you have told her about the family without additional proof. I believe you have behaved kindly and honorably, so that the truth is your friend.

    Obviously, she was the eldest, so she saw you pregnant with the others, though she might have been too young to remember some of the pregnancies. If she has taken a DNA test, maybe she has found first cousins on your husband's side. But maybe none have tested. If one of your children tests, at least she will know, from DNA, that she is at least their half-sister. She may be imagining that she has a different father too.

  25. Once the trust is gone…it's gone unless she works on rebuilding your trust for her.

    While my trust in my girlfriend has been shaken, I still believe in her and want to work on rebuilding that trust. It's going to take time and effort, but I have faith in our relationship.

  26. Exactly…… and this is why this thread will just turn into an echo chamber for OP and the reason all the others won't come out is because of the neg pile coming their way

    OP is a woman who thinks like a modern woman , however if she speaks to guys and gets a male perspective its going to be vastly different.

    Most guys in a relationship do not want other dicks around their women , like it or hate it that is how they think , you can claim insecurity or double standard or whatever but this is how they think

    Most guys who fantasize about threesomes want MFF , no other dicks no problem

    The fact you have done a MFM in the past whether it was in a relationship or as a single lady signals to him that you are ok with it , maybe even still desire it and that makes the two of you Incompatable

    I would leave this guy and find someone who is on the same page as you so this sort of drama doesn't inhibit how you live your life.

  27. Cut the shit with being controlling.

    She sexted him, maybe she was fucking him. You will never know for sure.

    She is a cheater, leave her and don't waste any time on her.

    I understand where you're coming from. It's just hard to hear because my heart is breaking at the thought of losing her. While her actions have hurt me deeply, I still love her and want to work things out if possible. Thank you for your comment.

  28. You aren't overreacting. I agree with the above comments about him finally revealing his authentic self now that you are actually needing him to be responsible. It is honestly easier dealing with pregnancy and post partum as a single mom than it is with a bad partner. I've done both.

    As a mom myself, something that might be causing the fussiness is gas or difficulty moving bowels (really common first 4-8wks), gently massaging under the belly button and doing bicycle motions and “happy baby” pose usually helps a lot.

  29. If she wasn't coerced into it, then she did this for herself and you. You wouldn't complain that her doctor saw her nude would you? I wouldn't make a big deal about it unless there's other things going on in the relationship. Ex: has she been overly flirty with this guy when you're all together?

  30. Never talk to her again.

    That situation could have ended much worse, and you're lucky you got out of it clean.

  31. You think I sent a photo of myself shitting to impress her? We were already getting along and kissed the night b4. I sent it to be funny. And usually it’s worked in the past, most girls think it’s hilarious.

  32. No dude! You'll tell your buddies how he helped you out and refer them when they vent about their GF having a guy friend or some shit. It pays for this guy to find bullshit to report back about.

  33. Should she block literally every single guy on Twitter? You say “everyone” likes your tweets but it’s likely your friends. Do you have any women friends who like your tweets? Do you follow any women on Twitter?

    You can’t just expect you’re girlfriend to completely cut out anybody who might be a male at any possible place in her life. At that point let her date people that aren’t gonna trust her to even have mutuals on Twitter for god’s sake.

    Should she have said she’d get rid of him and done nothing? I guess not, but like, dude it’s a Twitter mutual. If you’re this instructing and insecure genuinely you shouldn’t be in a relationship. I was reading this thinking you were 17 and made a typo.

  34. This is a him problem, not a you problem. Extricate yourself from the relationship and wish him well. If you don't. He will take you down with him.

    You are 19, you need to realize that when people show you who they really are, you better believe them.

  35. It doesn’t matter how you feel. The changes YOUre making are making HIM feel insecure, and rather than dealing with those feelings of insecurity he is negging you and trying to get you back “in line.” He liked it when he felt you were on equal footing, he now feels like you have your life more “together” than he does and that’s not how a “wife” is supposed to behave. You are defying his limited definition of “wife”.

    You could talk to him about this and make him be honest with how he’s feeling, but these little passive aggressive comments are unacceptable.

    The bottom line is he’s not secure enough in who he is to be happy for you. He’s rather insult you and tear you down rather than face his insecurities. That sucks and doesn’t bode well for your future.

  36. You can’t even admit that what you did WAS a cheating, not sure about physical one, but emotional for sure! You and her have a different opinion on that boundary and if one of you (spoiler alert: not her) not change it you relationship is doomed.

  37. Thanks so much for your reply.

    So what I feel is that we don't bring out the best of each other. I make him angry/frustrated, he makes me withdrawn/fearful. But is this a dynamic that we can change?

    I understand he has trust issues and why he might think I cheated. But whatever I say or do, he seems to have got this in his head.

    I genuinely don't think he is a bad person. Do his anger issues surface because of me…? That's what I'm trying to figure out because I do wish we could find a way to communicate better.

    When I'm away from him it is easier to reflect on things (like now), but I do miss him. I was happy single and can be happy single again, but in reality I think I want to be with him. Is this unhealthy scenario salvagable?

  38. To me a request for forgiveness is a recognition of the pain that you have caused, regret for the burden that the one who was harmed is carrying and an invitation for the one who is harmed to let go of the hurt and shame they carry from being harmed. The act of forgiveness allows us to let go of the pain and trauma that we carry from being wronged or hurt. It sounds like you are also carrying the shame of not stepping up to protect your classmates … you feel some of the same regret that your bully feels. I suspect that you will only truly be able to forgive this fellow and set aside the shame and hurt that you carry once you can forgive yourself.

  39. If he's only been there for one week it seems like you're asking a lot from him in a short space of time. Additionally, it's a big change for him to adjust to as well. I'm not saying he's behaving well but if it's literally only been a week it feels like you're jumping the gun a bit to throw it all in. Have you tried talking to him about it and understanding how it is for him? What his expectations were of living together and expressed yours?

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