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FUCK STAND UP [Multi Goal]

Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Re-reading your post made me realize that everything you said was exactly what happened to me, except i didn't break it off, I didn't wanna be by myself. I recently left her alone because I was tired of being the only one in the relationship constantly giving and not receiving even an ounce of reassurance. Even though it was just a month ago looking back i realized that it's better to be alone rather than be with someone who was in a relationship with me for 2 years and literally couldn't say “i love you” to me.

    It may hurt now but you'll realize that the reason it ended was for the better, you may not get the time back but I'm sure you would've learnt some new things about relationships and what to look out for.

  2. I mean this is a 100% a you problem. My fiance and I are both gamers. I actually got into gaming because of him. Now I'm an admin of a server and run things for a niche game. And most of the people are males. My fiance hasn't met them..idk why you need to meet them when it's just an online talk and gaming thing? He knows about them and doesn't care. Hell I game with other people in different countries.

    How to get over your issues? Therapy my dude. You're jealous of gaming buddies. This is not good. What if she works in a male dominated field? Are.yoy gonna be jealous all her coworkers are male and she's not. This just doesn't add up or make sense. If you trust her since shouldn't even be a big deal.

  3. Yeah I couldn't even get past your first paragraph, got to the part where you were upset your boyfriend walked out after your father spit in his face…really? No only would I not make an effort with them, I wouldn't make an effort with you.

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