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  1. Then I would definitely say he honestly just forgot about the photos and they are nothing to truly be worried about. He's with you, not them.

  2. Thank you so much for this response!! And advice, we are for making everyone test from now on before entering our home.

    And sorry about your family illnesses though glad it wasn't too bad and everyone ended up being ok!

  3. “In sickness and in health” doesn’t mean much to you does it? You’re going to divorce your husband for being lazy and gross? You never should have gotten married.

  4. This is 100% rape. You need to get out of this marriage.

    OP, I'm worried for your safety when you decide to leave. This is a man who has been raping you consistently over years, he will not respond well to you leaving him.

    Be careful. Take some time. Gather important information and pack some clothes for at least a couple of nights stay. Just enough to get out without him noticing anything missing ahead of time.

    Ideally, get yourself and the kids out together and stay with someone you trust. Or if you can afford to do so, stay somewhere like a hotel that accepts cash for the booking (rather than a credit card they put a hold on, which could give him your location).

    Don't tell him you're leaving in person. You can text or leave a note, after you've left and are safe at your new destination.

    I recommend telling a close friend who will absolutely take your side (not his sister, or a friend you share) and let them know you're getting out by X date. They don't need to know all the details if you're not comfortable to share, but someone should be told in case he finds out the plan before you leave. That way they can raise the alarm if you don't turn up at your safe destination.

    Please leave. He's not a great man. He's a rapist. He's not a great husband because he's raping his wife. He's not a great father because he's raping their mother.

    End the marriage. Do so safely.

  5. I don’t think he’ll lovebomb me or fight his way out of this, because our relationship was gonna end anyways. Just wish he had the balls to break up with me before getting on dating apps. I don’t say it’s over because I want to see his response, and if I say goodbye I’m worried he won’t respond back at all

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